Being Strong is Easy. Becoming a Legend Takes Skill.
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PostSubject: Shichiyou Kedamono    Shichiyou Kedamono  EmptyMon Jan 07, 2013 1:40 am

Character Information

Name: Shichiyou Kedamono

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Onigakure

Date of Birth: January 21st

Appearance: Shichi has white shaggy hair that goes down to his ears, red slitted cat-like eyes, sharp black claws, fangs, and his skin is very fair. He's not very muscular right now, but plans to gain more muscle as he grows. He has a kanjii tattoo for tiger on his right cheekbone. Shichiyou wears a white, hooded shirt with black sleeves and black pull-strings. It also has his clan's symbol on it's back. He wears loose, black, pants and black boots. He wears finger-less gloves that allow him to summon weapons. He has two, studded belts, that are crossed in an X fashion, wears a black, belt-like wristband on his right wrist. Also he has a black, belt-like choker around his neck. Around his waist and mingling with his belts is a grey, belt of fur that wraps around his waist, above his belts and tucked inside his belt on his left side so it hangs off to his knee. On his back he carries his weaponry umbrella which has a sword hidden in the handle.

Height: 4'5"

Weight: 78 Pounds

Personality: Shichi is generally quiet, only talking to those he trust. The way he acts depends on how much he knows the person. Around some he is goofy and care free, while around others he is serious and quiet. Shichi has one thing that sets him off..That would be comments on his height. If someone calls him short he usually yells at them, saying that he'll have a growth spout sooner or later. He likes to make friends with other people, it may take a while for him to trust them but once he is your friend he tends to be a good one. Shichiyou feels since he is the child of the leaders of his clan and that since his older brother Seisoku is the Raikage, that he must work hard to achieve greatness as well. His brother has inspired him to reach for great lengths.

Likes: .

  • Training
  • His older brother
  • Animals
  • Places with great weather

  • Cold places
  • Assholes
  • Spicy things


Birth Arc:
He was born on Tenma no Kuni with his brother already as Akumakage. Shichiyou had looked up to his parents and brother for being the strongest shinobi on Tenma no Kuni. He also looks up to the other two Akumakage Excors and Despair, for rivaling his brother in strength. Shichiyou wanted to be like them and so he trained since he was small in order to grow up strong.

Academy Arc
Shichiyou's Sister, Kirameku, trained him while he was in the academy. She was the leader of the ANBU Black OPS tracking unit so he took her advice on becoming strong. Shichiyou was taught his first beast transformation at a young age. Something that had not been done in a couple thousand years. He showed great promise and made great progress in the Tenma no Kuni academy and managed to graduate in a year.

Genin Arc: Now a genin, Shichiyou is still training under his sister, Kirameku and also learns from his brother Seisoku. He doesn't have a Jonin Sensei as of yet, however, he sees his older sister and brother as his Sensei's and aspires to be strong like them both. He awaits the chunin exams so he can prove himself to the others and become a chunin.

Chuunin Arc:

Jounin Arc

Kage Arc:

Missing Nin Arc:

Ninja ID

Village: Onigakure

Rank: Genin

Element: Fire

Nindo: "Always try your hardest to succeed."

Skills: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Weaponry, Fuuinjutsu

You can only use Jutsus that your Rank allows you to. For example a Chuunin can have up to 4 skills. But cannot exceed B-rank Jutsus.


Kunai: 44 (Four of them hidden in his sleeves)
Shuriken: 36 (Six of them hidden in his sleeves)
Small Weapons Scroll: 2
Explosive Tags: 20
Soldier Pills: 4
Fuma Shuriken: 2
Umbrella: 1 (Used for jutsu. Hidden in Weapons scroll)
Smoke Bombs: 10
Flash Bombs: 10
(Many other weapons held in his weapons scrolls such as Kunai bombs, Kusarigama, etc.)

Fighting Styles: Chakra-Enhanced Strength, Powerful and quick strikes.



Clan Information


Kekkei Genkai:


Clan weapon:

Clan History:

Misc. Information

RP sample:

Nicknames: None so far
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Shichiyou Kedamono
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