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PostSubject: Jiroubou Morinou   Jiroubou Morinou EmptyTue Jan 08, 2013 1:23 am

Character Information

Name: Jiroubou Morinou 

Age: 23 

Gender: Male 

Place of Birth: Sunagakure 

Date of Birth: May 22nd 

Appearance: Jiro is a young man with medium-length scraggly black hair that barely passes his shoulder blades. Typically seen worn loose or pinned down by a pair of goggles to protect himself from the desert's sandstorms, he occasionally pulls his hair back as well to reveal the finer contours of his face. A habitual squinter, Jiro is near-sighted, but is open to relinquishing this habit for a time to reveal the onyx irises embedded in his skull. With a thin nose and pursed-thin lips to boot, he's not too extraordinary, but he's known to have a tongue of gold to make up for whatever he lacks physically. He stands fairly tall, though his slouch will confuse many people, and his overall physique is typically questionable as well as the Kazekage himself prefers not to reveal too much under various layers of cloth, ceremonial and non. For the sake of appearances by status, he wears the robes and hat of the Kazekage in public eye. Underneath those layers, however, he wears a seemingly much more casual choice of clothing you could easily depict for someone of his age. Usually this consists of the normally-viewable shinobi sandals and folded up leggings to reveal some of his calves. A baggy shirt of some form with an open flak jacket for protection covers his upper body, and bandages typically adorn every inch of skin from his elbows to his fingertips. Scars wrap across his torso and legs from years of injury and recovery that took the more negative toll on his body. Nothing too major, but it all adds up to take away from his physique so he's not the most attractive guy out there.

Height: 5'9”

Weight: 125 lbs

Personality: Like any good young adult, Jiro is one to be rather laid back, seemingly carefree, rather positive and charismatic, and yet also arrogant. While he can be calm and collected and rather warm towards his people that revere him, he gloats his skills as a ninja mightily, knowing fully well that yes, he deserved his position of power because yes, he is indeed powerful. Go figure. Granting his youth, he's also a bit of a lecher, though he's reserved in the aspects there for the sake of keeping appearances, though he's been known to slip a jutsu here and there for the sake of a quick peep. Behind closed doors, however, Jiro is a completely different person than what he allows anyone to see. Quite serious to a fault and perhaps filled with a cruel demeanor, he's not one to be above using force to get what he wants, and will not stand down and let others do the dirty work for him when he believes he is more suited. There is a lack of remorse, something that he earned through his tutelage as a ninja properly, something that younger generations always seem to not grasp but eventually do even if they're seen as bitter and old when the time is right. In Jiro's case, however, he has an inferiority-complex that came out at an early age towards fellow peers in thinking he would never be anything but a defective tool for his land as a ninja. However, he's not above respecting those who deserve to be above him, remarkably those of equal power to himself, or those who live on their actions rather than sit idly by and do nothing.


  • Staring at the sky
  • World Domination (A man can dream, right?)
  • Spars, Duels, Fighting, etc.

  • Thievery
  • Bullies
  • People with low self-esteem


Birth Arc

Born to become the Kazekage, the newborn to be called Jiroubou Morinou was a sickly child, deemed unfit to become much of anything but a regular citizen in Sunagakure. In this reasoning, and because many of the villagers of Suna were considerably harsher due to their inclimate setting, the child was fostered away to a home for the unwanted. The parents were displeased, saddened by the fact that they were both shinobi and that their child didn't show any such promise in following suit. Growing up without a family besides the fellow children, Jiro took to disliking others, especially the regular townsfolk. If they were to look down upon him for not being at his greatest position in health with his peers, then they were deemed unfit to care for these children. With years coming, Jiro became an unruly child, angry and filled with an avarice for power. He wanted nothing more than to prove his greatness that could become what it would one day be. Or at least, that was what he always pressed himself into thinking, his sights immediately set on becoming Kazekage one day. And who knew? Hard actually pays off rather than a god-awful welfare system. And as a testament to his displeasure knowing that he was unwanted, Jiro did two things; he kept his family name to spite his parents, and he joined the Academy.

Academy Arc

Years passed, Jiro was perhaps about ten at this time, and the people around him went on to live their lives. Some became ninja, others became regular peasants. Either way, Jiro was in the Academy, for what was about six years going before his timely promotion/graduation. He paved the way for other children like himself to see themselves as golden in their own eyes, following in his footsteps to join the Academy. Growing interest in the boy was becoming steadfast as Jiro became healthier, stronger, and grew into a cunning wit that shunned his peers. For his schooling time, he was nothing less than an outcast, angry at the mainstream society for their petty resolve to see him as unfit, along with his fellow orphans at least. Still, he persevered, and this was paying off after years of the basics, the simple instructions, the increase in agility and accuracy and stealth. He was becoming a ninja, little by little, and his parents, while now coming around, were now on the flipside of disowning. And in his resolve to continue to become stronger, the boy never stopped in his struggles to be better, eventually earning the number one spot in all areas in his class before finally, he graduated to Genin.

Genin Arc:

Keeping with the fact that he was indeed an outcast, and so were a good portion of the graduates by this time, Jiro was teamed up with fellow orphans Kouki and Nike. Both boys were like brothers to Jiro, boys he treated as his own blood because they were all he ever had growing up to this point. And they made a heavy artillery team together. Where Jiro decided to take up wind ninjutsu, Kouki's family originally hailed from the Land of Earth, so he took to the learnings of sand ninjutsu. And Nike was perhaps greedier than even Jiro, becoming a jack of all trades in both ninjutsu styles of Sunagakure. And under direct tutelage from their jounin sensei, Hikaru, a specialist in taijutsu, things were more than difficult. Naturally Hikaru despised each of the children, one for merely being of the order of orphans that were, in his eyes, just grabbing attention. But also because they were each ninjutsu masters, making tutelage all the harder for the jonin as well. This hardship was well met, however, as each and every challenge only pushed Jiro to go to greater lengths to become greater than anyone ever thought he would be. And with little time passing, Jiro, Kouki, and Nike were already up for the greatest challenge they would ever face... Besides bullies of course, because bullies are just vile human beings with self-esteem issues.

Chuunin Arc:

A mere year had passed since becoming genin, each boy being only eleven, but their worth as ninja was astounding in their ability to take a harsh enough beating by their sensei, and to each keep going. So easily, Hikaru decided to enroll them in the Chuunin Exam at this time, more as an act to see if they could even deal with the hardship of it all, or if they'd perish in the long run of things. For the sake of keeping things interesting between the five nations, it was determined that the Chuunin Exam this year was strictly that of a tournament held in one of the harshest of the lands: The Earth Country. With nothing but rock on all sides, Kouki was already out of the picture for being able to do battle. And this nearly whipped Nike, with his lacking half of his entire plethora of ninjutsu. Worked as decoys, however, Kouki and Nike were splendidly lobbed off, leaving Jiro to excel all the way until the end of the tournament. It was here that he met his greatest hardship: his first real defeat, that also resulted in the breaking of both of his legs. But for his sheer power and willingness to sacrifice anything for the goal in mind, he was promoted, slowly leaving his brethren behind. Five long years passed where he was bound to the ground, incapable of movement, though Suna was really only able to blame itself. There were few medic-nin compared to poison-nin, so rehabilitation took ages. Even through this, though, Jiro kept his ninjutsu up to date. Afterall, one didn't need their legs to form handseals to mold chakra. And since he's kept himself up to date, even with the years of weakness taking its' toll on his legs, he stood once more and filed the forms for his promotion to Jounin.

Jounin Arc

As a testament to his being able to perform as a jounin, his test was rather simple. He was reintroduced to Kouki and Nike, as well as Hikaru, and each of them were split into teams of two. Strapped down to a chair to once again simulate his inability to walk for the past five years, Jiro was teamed up with Hikaru to go against his former teammates in a game involving two goals and a frisbee. Where in the Chuunin Exams he showed his nindo with screwing teamwork for the sake of the mission, this time around he was forced to utilize teamwork to win. The rules were simple: get the disc to the opponents goal to earn points, and you cannot attack anyone but the disc keeper, or if you are the disc keeper. A long-standing battle ensued in the sport, but eventually Jiro came to success and found himself promoted and able to live up to the new standards as a jounin, scathed, but at least Hikaru wasn't harmed, right?

Over the course of four years he lived a pretty quiet life, simple and effective. Most of his days were filled with training, since no one trusted him with the right missions that were deemed fit for someone of his status. Fully recovered and more powerful than most of the ninja in the village, Jiro started acting out again. Anyone who made a comment about him earned a retaliation challenge to duel, and he more than happily walked away the victor. Smitten with anger, Jiro rampaged through the desert, before he dealt with his first “real” ninja through an assassination attempt. An inside job sent a sand ninja to get him late in the evening during a stint of training that overcame him when the winds were dead, save for the ones he himself created. Getting out of there alive with the assistance of a passing traveler, Jiro was hospitalized, and given sanctuary for time being that he was healing again.

With gained after a year in the hospital, Jiro was quick to set out on the path for revenge. The first person he had to go to, however, was the Kazekage. As the custom was to gain missions was the leader of the village, it was the Kazekage that was responsible for trying to have him killed. Nothing too major, of course, but still, Jiro being the angsty young adult of twenty-one years decided to look into it. Which was surprisingly easy, as the Kazekage gave up the information without too much confrontation. Minus the deflection of a jutsu here and there and the eventual restraining of Jiro until he settled down. In the end, the answer lied in the fact that it was a voluntary mission that didn't have a payout for the young man's death. Rather, it was a grudge attack from Kouki for not being able to set a greater example for their kind. He'd made a mockery of the orphans, chosen the lower path all this time by never forgiving and forgetting the past. It was shameful, something Jiro admitted in the long run, but he let it slide. He was on a conquest for power, for the position eventually of Kazekage, because to be the strongest ninja was to be the Kage. And no one, not even his childhood friend, was going to get in his way.

An equally greedy Nike found his way into Jiro's plans to even the score, and the two became closer, becoming more the brother to Jiro than Kouki was growing up. A small revelation took place that all he needed was to gain more power and then prove himself that he was still that child that paved the way to success for all those misfits. Sadly, this only empowered him to actually go forth with his plans to usurp all he needed in power and rise to greatness. Starting with revenge. An equally devious plan to assassinate someone led him and Nike to eviscerate Kouki and rally their own troops. One more standoff against the Kazekage himself found Jiro as the victor, because for some reason increased morale support seems to boost power like a Saiyan's power boost when he's about to lose a fight. Which all leads up to this...

Kage Arc:

Since the Kazekage's defeat, the victor was chosen to be none other than the next one in line, due to the fact that Jiro's sheer power alone was what beat the man into submission and retirement, along with naming off Jiro as the next one in line. Afterall, only the strongest ninja in the village could be given the title, and since Jiro defeated said strongest, he was the next one to deserve the title. But his title didn't come with any easy laying back from then on. Instead, the attacks started to roll in on his village from random creatures around the desert after two years, making him the age he is now. The very moment the reports started to come in, Jiro took a stand, disregarding the attacks as nothing at first until they became more insistent. In a last ditch effort to save face, Jiro took a stand for his village, taking up the next shift in the pattern of attacks to see this menace for himself. Only to find himself taken by surprise and completely hospitalized once more.

During his stay in the hospital, the invitation from the land's great leaders was sent out for each of the Kages to meet to discuss war plans for this new menace to which Jiro forced himself into a swifter recovery for revenge. And apparently the word came out that these fiends that were obstructing peace were returning from their attacks to the cursed islands. Immediately Jiro was for an attack on the islands, though their planning had to thwart his attempts to go their immediately. Yes, Jiro's not the brightest crayon in the box. The confusion against the demon folk started, and for the time being Jiro has set down his plan to invade and attack. For now...

Ninja ID

Village: Sunagakure

Rank: Kazekage

Element: Wind

Nindo: “If you run away now, before you look back, you'll already be dead.”




Shuriken x40
Soldier Pills x4
Bandages (Visibly apparent on arms and legs)

Fighting Styles: N/A



Misc. Information
RP sample:


Nicknames: Jiroubou typically goes by Jiro except in formal settings.
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