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 Yuki Fukuzawa

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PostSubject: Yuki Fukuzawa   Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:06 pm

Character Information

Name: Yuki Fukuzawa

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Kumogakure

Date of Birth: March 6th

Appearance:Her facial features may not be perfect, but at least they match her face. Delightfully cat-like eyes sit just above her high cheek bones, as her button-like nose rests in the middle separating left from right. Slightly pouty lips complete her entire face, and is sometimes glossed over with shimmering lipgloss if she can be bothered. Yuki has a wide grin with a pearly white set of teeth, since she for some reason enjoys going to the dentist for checkups every 6 months. Her hair has no fixed parting, but if you must ask, its on the left side. Yuki has no tattoos at the moment, but she's hoping to get the word Tonare on the back of her neck, which her parents would probably never allow. Her ears are currently home to three piercings, one on the right and two on the left.

With outstanding orange hair paired off with equally bright orange irises, Yuki would probably be the most outstanding person in school. Which can be a bother from time to time. At least she has gotten used to it, and not many people actually pick on her anymore for that. She is easily mistaken for a boy, because her bodily curves are not that defined, but mainly because of her hair cut. While her hair still retains its short and spunky style, it has undergone some modifications with the back being slightly longer, it gives her a more feminine look in addition to her straight cut bangs. Though her hair is always seen in a huge mess, because Yuki always wakes up late in the morning and is more concerned about reaching school on time than brushing her hair. Bedhead would best describe her current look. Yuki thought if she was going to make a fashion statement, she might as well go all out. Dying her hair a lighter shade of orange, than its original color, it now complements her orange irises.

Those orange irises are still a talking point when she meets new people, since its not a natural color. No amount of explaining from Yuki can convince them that her eyes are the original color. She'd rather not poke her eyes to prove to them that she's not wearing contacts so she just shrugs it off when they start pestering her for a better reason than just "Oh its natural." When she was four, she had undergone a major operation, which the doctors assume was the underlying reason why the color of her eyes changed. It was originally a shade of brown mixed in with some orange, but during her recovery, they "lightened" to become the color they are today. Doctors diagnosed that it was because some of the pigmentation in her irises was lost during the surgery. But oh well, all the better for Yuki because she loves the color they are today.

Though her style varies a lot, its usually pretty constant when it comes to being a ninja. She did not have much of a choice really, since she usually is forced to wear a skinsuit by her parents. Even if it was made to be tight-fit to her body, those metal plates that run around her legs are so hard to cover up with. It is an onyx colored suit, with white trimmings going around the entire body. Additionally, Yuki wears a pure ivory-white mask which has lightning details on the left side of it, while the word "Tonare" is bolded out in black. However, Yuki tends to defy the need to wear the suit. Hence, if it comes to her life without the body suit, Yuki tends to choose either really loose clothes for comfort or tight-fit clothes to show off her non-existent figure. Ripped jeans are definitely her favorite, but shorts work fine too. Gloves are a must for her, and she usually wears orange colored fingerless gloves with black trimmings around it, on it there are also words which read: Kick ass. Orange tinted goggles are normally placed on top of her head or if its really windy or dry Yuki would wear it to protect her eyes.

As been repeated earlier, Yuki is not a big fan of girly clothes, preferring to fill her cupboard up with jeans (mostly skinnys and ripped) and shorts of various lengths. With a wide collection of shirts, Yuki is always spoiled for choice. She usually prefers to spend her money on shirts than jeans because they always get trashed once she starts training. Her secret stash of jackets are kept specially in plastic covers, as she adores her jackets. Yuki's favorites would be: the pure white jacket which ends around her thighs, and has a fluffy white hood, the onyx jacket which has multiple straps all over it and a simple orange jacket with black lines criss-crossing all over the jacket.

Her favourite colors are obviously Orange, black, silver, and sometimes red.

Height: 5'7”

Weight: 110 lbs

Personality: Yuki is an average girl, living in an average family, leading an average life..wait that's not correct. Her life is anything but ordinary, and her personality is even more intriguing. The girl with bedhead hair was a whacky one. Her larger than life personality complements her nature well, as she is always ready to make new friends. She opens up almost instantly and it is not in her nature to sugar coat the truth. Brutally honest is she when she speaks with people, it may be something that comes across as arrogance, but it always proves to be false. Yuki was brought up by her aloof mother Renka, who was from a well to do family. Honesty was the guiding principle in her family, and Yuki was taught to do the same. Which was probably why it has influenced her character up bringing a great deal. As they say, good moral values should be taught from a young age for a good upbringing of character.

From a young age however, Yuki has a really short attention span for almost anything, and if she's completely absorbed in a thought it would be pretty hard for her to notice anything or anyone around her. For example, in class she's normally found either slumped over on her desk or spacing out behind a book either in thought or sleep. Her teachers have always had a problem with her and would normal A) throw dusters at her to get her attention B) smack her hand with a ruler or C) shout across the classroom. It was not like Yuki was failing badly in class or anything, but they just seemed to get a kick out of it, or that's what Yuki presumes.

Also her fiercely loyal nature could either be a good thing or it could cause her downfall. Yuki simply refuses to believe that any of her trusted good friends would ever betray her, since she would never ever do the same to them. It was not in her blood, she just could not bring herself to back stab her friends. Even if at gun point, she still would not do it, not in this lifetime. However if she does find out that anyone has betrayed her, she would definitely snap and go and confront them, not caring to reason things out at all. Which is probably a bad thing, because she does not listen to her head and goes more with her heart. This makes her really rash and sometimes causes her to make immature decisions which she will regret forever.

One can possibly say she suffers from chronic mood swings, and not just because its that time of the month, though she's not quite started THAT yet either. For example she could be dead serious during a fight, but once its ended its like an "off" switch was turned on and she goes back to her bubbly and friendly nature. So its hard to ever see her mad at someone for long periods of time, because she rarely ever held a grudge. Unless like it was stated early, because she was betrayed, then even if the person grovelled and begged at her feet she would not relent. Certainly its true that Yuki cares too much for her comrades than herself, since she would do anything to ensure their safety. It did not matter if she got injured too, so long as both came out safe and sound. Superficial wounds could be healed, but if a life was lost it could never be returned..

Oh yes and one more thing, just make sure you do not steal or try to take her food from her, she'll kill you ;D


  • Running
  • Curry
  • Sweets
  • People who wear glasses
  • Sleeping
  • Her family

  • Summer
  • Being woken up
  • Disrespectful people
  • cockroaches
  • Cats
  • Starving


Birth Arc

As a child, Yuki was adored by her parents, especially Raiko, her father. She has always been a daddy's girl, the apple of his eye and so on. Probably because, she was the first born and also because Raiko was very protective of her. He still thinks that she is too young to be a ninja, but it something that he has to live with. Yuki was never exposed to the wonders (horrors) of shinobi, even though her parents were directly in contact with them as being ninja themselves. Her brother Yui was born by accident, since Renka never wanted to have a second child. Some of Renka's favor went to Yui, since he closely resembled her. Since he was pampered by Renka, he developed a tendency to be a cry-baby, since she always gave in to his tantrums. Yuki slightly resented that, but at least she was older than him and could bully him if she wanted.

She did have an incident when she was four at the beach. Yuki left to wander off on her own, while her parents were busy tending to Yui who was sobbing as usual. As she walked towards the water's edge, the under currents pulled her in, and she was almost swept away. Luckily her father saved her, although she was unconscious and had to be rushed to his private medical center (thank god for Medic-nin fathers). Yuki had to go through extensive surgery, some of which included experimental techniques, her life was assured but at what cost. Yuki has no recollection of this, and her parents have yet to tell her the truth about the procedures behind the surgery (probably because they're just embarrassing like a boy's circumcision surgery story). She lived a normal childhood until she started developing a slightly more aggressive nature, which got her enrolled in the Academy.

Academy Arc

When she was the age of 6, she discovered a starter kit for ninja equipment in her parents room, which was oh so carelessly left on their bed. It also just so happened that it was in her size, so Yuki slowly slipped her feet into the sandals, strapped up the pouches for her shuriken, and dressed herself in the flak jacket. Sneaking out of the house, when she was supposed to be studying, Yuki got her first taste of the world of ninja. How glorious was it, the feeling was unlike anything she had ever felt before, even those huge rollercoasters could not give her such an adrenaline rush. She tore through the rooftops, almost in trance, as the world around her was a great whir of mixed colors. When Yuki came home, she was surprised that her parents were not waiting up for her. Perhaps they did not notice she was gone was what she thinking, and she quietly slipped into her room with her new stuff.

Her parents were all too sure of the reality that they were exposing their eldest and most precious to the treacherous world of shinobi, but they had no choice. The girl had become fully enthralled, even if she wasn't going to pay complete attention in school. And the events just fell in place for them, and hence Yuki was made to become a ninja after five more years or so. Raiko and Renka felt so guilty that they began leaving for missions more and more often, leaving Yuki to fend for herself and look after Yui. Yuki never resented them for that, she was, however, thankful instead. She was able to grow and mature much faster than her peers, as she went through much on her own. Plus, she even learned how to cook, not well, but at least it was edible. So she grew up, with her brother in tow, and eventually graduated to the level of Genin.

Genin Arc:

When she first started out, she was always known to be the dork, always cramming in her books if she was not out training or on missions with her sensei. Puberty was officially making sport of her, as she was the oddball that stood out from the rest of the crowd. She was much taller than her classmates at that time, and the acne on her face did not help either. Luckily for her, back then her hair was really long so she was able to hide behind those long bangs of hers. No one saw those orange irises of hers though, which was such a shame. The only comfort she had was training, so at least her time starting out as a genin was not that bad.

A good year later and the Chuunin Exams have come around, and now Yuki eagerly awaits to join in on the action.~

Ninja ID

Village: Kumogakure

Rank: Genin

Element: Lightning

Nindo: “I will succeed in everything I strive for!”




Shuriken x20
Explosive Tags x5
Soldier Pills x4

Fighting Styles: N/A



RP sample:


Nicknames: None

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Sumaru Shokubutsu
Sumaru Shokubutsu

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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Fukuzawa   Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:22 pm

Copy over jutsu update

and ill give my approval

(P.S. dislikes cats... love it)

You dont need a reason to help someone
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Fukuzawa   Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:54 pm

FINALLY copied over the jutsu update Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Fukuzawa   Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Fukuzawa   

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Yuki Fukuzawa
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