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PostSubject: Akegata Kitsune   Akegata Kitsune EmptyThu Jan 10, 2013 1:30 pm

Character Information

Name: Akegata Kitsune
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Kusagakure no Sato
Date of Birth: October 9th

Akegata Kitsune 64a8b6801e_37102679_o2

Height: 4'5
Weight: 70 pounds

Personality: Akegata due to his age, it was rather innocent, playful and naive boy. Because of the particular dark secrets about his lineage, he has been protected from a lot of things, thus making him extremely sheltered and inexperienced in real life affairs. He is pretty fragile emotionally and doesn't alway believe in himself or his ideals, causing him to be very hesistant and quiet.

Akegata is often complimented on his cute he is due to his childlike appearance, however due to his lack of experience in life or with other people, he is extremely shy and slightly socially inept. As a Kitsune, Akegata was taught however to be very respectful and polite, which is he, and taught about the more important things in life, such as family and duty. He has a rather peaceful nature to him in that regard. More importantly as next in line technically to be the Head of the Kitsune clan, he was trained early, thus making him a gifted shinobi aside from his personality and physical flaws.

Akegata when he opens up or grows fond of a person seems to almost latch on to him, not in the sense of being clingy, but out of fierce loyalty. Akegata relies on others a lot, as he is very dependent, but he is in no way a mooch. He will do his share and will help in any way if can if asked.


  • Tea and other types of calming drinks
  • Quiet, Intimate settings
  • Honest, Loyal people
  • Friendly, Kind people

  • Disruptive, Rude People
  • People who take advantage of him
  • People who are much bigger than him
  • Dogs


Birth Arc: Akegata was born in the Kitsune Clan's shrine in Kusagakure on October 9th to the at the time leader of the clan and his wife. He was the second born son of the clan leader, so as such was seen with nobility amongst the clan, however was never seen as high as his brother Tsukiyo who was next in line to inherit the title of "Head of the Clan". Akegata was the youngest member of his family with his father being in his 100's yet still having the appearance of late 50's, his mother who was in her 90's must appeared in his 40's and his brother who was actually in his late twenties. Akegata's brother Tsukiyo was a prodegy, achieving the 3rd level of their clan's sacred jutsu while he was still a genin, something that had been unprecedented. Akegata who was fragile and much weaker since he was still a child, didn't seem to hold as much promise as his brother, however his parents still had high hopes of him.

However those hopes could never be attained as his brother had suddenly challenged his father to a battle for head of the clan when Akegata was only 3. His brother and father fought a long battle when suddenly his brother had revealed something. He had done something no other Kitsune had been able to do since the founder of the clan several hundred years prior. He had ascended past the Kitsune's gentle nature and took it to it's darkest places. As a result he unlocked the true final level of the Kitsune Henshin, it's level four. With the power of the level four technique as well as another forbidden jutsu, the second stage of the Kitsune's Bloodlust, Akegata's brother savagely defeated his father, leaving him for dead and brutally killed his brother and several elders within the clan. Tsukiyo then fled from the shrine, as he couldn't maintain his form for much longer and the bloodlust would cause him to faint soon. When more member of the clan arrived all was left was Akegata and his father who was hanging on by a thread.

Under his father's final orders Akegata was moved to Konohagakure, knowing Tsukiyo might come back for him but probably wouldn't venture to the Leaf Village. He had Akegata moved with a personal guard who would train him once he was old enough. The young Akegata traumatized by this blocked out these memories, forgetting he even had a brother.

Academy Arc: Akegata now moved to Konoha started a new life after convincing himself that an accident killed his parents and that he never had a brother to begin with. Under his father's orders he was always protected and never really allowed to communicate with out people for his own safety. When he finally became of age and entered the ninja academy, he was unable to socialize with the other ninja trainees because he simply didn't know how.

The Ninja Academy were probably some of the roughest years of the young boy's life. Being slightly socially inept made him lonely, despite the fact that people were always trying to get to know him. Lack of experience led to his inability to really fight and his gentle, kind nature made it seem like he'd never be a ninja. Akegata only really seemed to excel at one thing at first and that was to absorb information. He was an extremely gifted child in terms of intellegence and was able to absorb and retain information like a sponge.

When the time was finally right, his father's final orders came into play. The man who was watching over Akegata who became like a parental figure to him was to teach him the Kitsune clan techniques, starting with the Level one transformation and then followed by the other jutsu. Much to his surprise as well as his teachers, Akegata seemed like a natural, being able to master the level one of the Kitsune Henshin the day after he learned it. Little did he know that this type of progress was exactly the same as his brothers. The ways of the clan came naturally to them and Akegata showed he was capable of learning the basics extremely quickly and eventually even mastering the chakra claws as well as the wind scar technique.

As his Kitsune skills further developed, Akegata became a well rounded completely gifted child prodegy. His skills in the adacemy drastically improved, drawing attention from his teachers and classmates. In the span of about 5 months Akegata had gone from a below average trainee to at the very least a gifted Genin leveled student. He exceled at his studies and now was capable of fighting at a proficient level. He graduated at the top of his class and moved on to Genin level. The teachers at the academy had said he would be a powerful ninja one day, but he had one fatal flaw. He was too innocent, too nice. They hoped that real world experience would help mold him out of that.

Genin Arc: Akegata as a genin was pretty good. He was able to accomplish missions effectively and quickly, however he was very hesistant when it came to things like sparring and battle. His sensei knew this boy had potencial, but he didn't seem to be able to draw it out. Akegata would merely stick with his team for assignments, training and missions then go home to train with his clan brethren.

The turning point in Akegata's genin career was when he and his guardian went off past the walls of Konoha to do some higher leveled training to see how far they could push Akegata. After a difficult training session Akegata grew extremely weary when suddenly he and his guardian sensed something. A powerful, fierce yet familar chakra signature approached them at blinding speeds. It suddenly made itself apparant, it was Akegata's murderous older brother Tsukiyo. The guardian told Akegata to run back to the village and Akegata questioned why. He didn't recognize the man and thought he was just his kin.

He didn't recognize how wrong he was until Tsukiyo quickly went on the offensive, disabling the guardian and leaving him on the ground unconcious. Akegata knew he couldn't leave guardian to die to he decided to attack. A battle ensued and Akegata was quickly defeated. In a sense of panic Akegata unlocked the first level of his Bloodlust, much to Tsukiyo's surprise. While he was a gifted student, he hadnt learned Bloodlust until he was Chuunin as he never seemed to really fear anything. In his bloodlust state Akegata also unlocked his Kitsune Henshin level two, once again much to Tsukiyo's surprise. Another battle occured and Akegata was once again swiftly defeated. However now taking interest in his younger brother, after defeating the duo, he decided to just flee.

Upon waking up Akegata noticed he was being carried home by his injured guardian. He asked what happened, not remembering the battle due to blacking out from fear followed by the bloodlust. For the sake of Akegata's innocence, his guadian lied and told him he unlocked a new skill and they'd need to work on it.

After that day Akegata seemed to be more proficient in battle to the point where his Jounin sensei decided to enroll him for the Chuunin exams.

Chuunin Arc: Yet to have happened.

Jounin Arc Yet to have happened.

Kage Arc: N/A

Missing Nin Arc: N/A

Ninja ID

Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Rank: Genin
Element: Fuuton "Wind Release"

Nindo: "Protect what you love, always..."
Skills: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu (To be further developed later)
Equipment: Kunai, Shuriken, Explosive Tags, Wire, Soldier Pill
Fighting Styles: ~Seen in Kitsune Clan~


Clan Information

Clan: Kitsune

Kekkei Genkai: Kitsune Henshin "Fox Transformation"

Description: Kekkei Genkai Description: Kitsune Henshin is a skill all Kitsune clan memebers learn at a young age and develop as they grow older. There are Four levels to the Kitsune Henshin, each level more powerful than the last. Generally when a clan member enters this form they will go on all fours and are surrounded by a white aura that takes the shape of a fox.

Clan weapon: N/A

Clan History: To the outside world it is unknown how the Kitsune clan came into existance exactly. Stories passed down within the clan and rumors say that it was a curse and others believe that the clan originated when a fox demon took human form and got a young woman pregnant with a unique child. This child became the 1st Kitsune and lived to be over 200 years old. He led the clan as well as developed most of the clan jutsu. For the next two centuries the 1st born child of the current clan leader would take over the clan, regardless of gender. However most first borns in the clan are born male. The Kitsune Clan originated around Kusagakure but for the last 100 years have migrated and can be found in almost any country. However they seem to avoid Konohagakure and Kumogakure for unknown reasons.

Misc. Information

RP sample:

Nicknames: Isshi, Tori
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PostSubject: Re: Akegata Kitsune   Akegata Kitsune EmptyThu Jan 10, 2013 4:39 pm

Pending clan approval

Approval of the rest Very Happy

You dont need a reason to help someone
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