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Yamamoto Hatake
Yamamoto Hatake

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PostSubject: Yamamoto Hatake: Human Puppet   Yamamoto Hatake: Human Puppet EmptySat Jan 12, 2013 7:53 pm


Name: human puppet
Type: team jutsu, puppeteering
Rank: n/a
Yamamoto is the only one in this jutsu that exerts chakra as a result, allowing for Agru to utilise his own jutsu as required. Costing Yamamoto 2 chakra per post.
This jutsu gives the illusion that the team is master and puppet. The illusion being that Agru wears wooden sections to give the illusion of being a puppet.
By attaching the puppet strings to the wood sections this will allow Yamamoto to push and pull the sections giving specific commands when need be. However as Agru walks normally Yamamoto (outside of combat and even without the wooden attachments) will keep the fingers of one hand moving to maintain the illusion.
When in combat however Yamamoto will keep the strings attached meaning that he can give the suttle nudges and tugs when need be, however if Agru gets into any kind of trouble he will be able to pull him out of the way. However the puppet strings will remain loose allowing for free movement only becoming tightened when required. When pulling out of the way (if the occasion occurs) this will cost Yamamoto 4 chakra for that post rather than 2
Currently this adapted jutsu will be unable to fool those who can see chakra, but only if the strings are not attached, once atached this becomes somewhat trickier. Those using the likes of the byakugan will see through it almost instantly.
As Yamamoto will be devoting the strings of an entire hand to this he will be able to assist with his free hand if need be, via use of Kunai, shurriken, etc. If he calls uppon one of his actual puppets with his free hand he will be as vunerable as any other puppeteer.

Yet to be achieved: at chunnin or jounin
A more complex form of this shall enable the illusion intended to be greater making even a byakugan user doubt their eyes. This will be achieved by Yamamoto wraping entire sections in chakra strings making it appear a chakra network is created within the would be puppet allowing for individual jutsu use from the puppet. However this will remain as Agru's jutsu but just giving the added illusion.
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Yamamoto Hatake: Human Puppet
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