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PostSubject: Sonata no Izanagi   Sonata no Izanagi EmptyTue Jan 15, 2013 5:27 pm

Name: Gunshin Gunbai-God of War-Army Arrangement Fan

Type: Supplementary

Size: General Fan Size

Elemental Attribute: None

Weight: 2lbs

Looks: Izanagi’s Gunshin Gunbai is very similar in design compared to other Gunai fans depicted in the Manga and anime. In fact, the only difference being the materials and change of color. Gunshin Gunbai is the same shape and size of Madara’s fan, except it doesn’t have a chain attached to it. Gunshin Gunbai’s frame is made from titanium, making it highly durable. The frame is of course black, while the handle/long hilt is also wrapped in black leather material. Senju wood covered over by leather completes the mid section of the fan; or rather it fills up the frame completely. The Senju Wood was designed to make it so that the Gunbai could function as intended. There are two sides to the fan, each with a different color, which will play a major part in its function and special abilities. The left side is painted in black, while the right is painted in white, thus giving it a Ying Yang theme. The Suishou clan symbol is mark on either side of the fan, showing just whom this weapon belongs to. Buried beneath the leather covered hilt of the fan, are Chakra receivers, carefully placed on either side of the hilt. The Chakra Receivers were no doubt designed to give Chakra to Izanagi its owner. The materials used to create the fan itself, almost means that it becomes Chakra conductive too.

Special abilities: The Gunshin Gunbai’s function as a war fan of the Narutoverse would, allowing its wielder to utilize an array of Ninjutsu(Bukijutsu) techniques, while also acting as a melee type weapon. The Gunshin Gunbai is also capable of absorbing Chakra, thus adding it to its wielder’s own Chakra supply. Barrier style Ninjutsu can also able to be used, and using a combination of Fuuinjutsu techniques, an array of other jutsu styles & techniques can be utilized for battle purposes. The Gunshin Gunbai seems to react to Izanagi’s Chakra signature only, making it so that he’s the only one capable of wielding the weapon to its full potential. This means, should the weapon fall into the hands of another, it could only function as a generic fan or as a melee type weapon.

The Gunshin Gunbai is one such fan, that is able to erect powerful barriers, capable of deflecting attacks, while protecting it’s wielder and allies too. The ability is legendary, as it’s quite capable of deflecting even the powerful S-rank techniques back towards it original source The Gunbai is further boosted via its capabilities to absorb techniques of the same level and below, while feeding the Chakra absorb to its wielder. As such, the Gunshin Gunbai is able to absorb a technique in its entirety. For example, a torrent of water, a fire blast etc. The technique itself gets broken down and the Chakra used to power the technique gets absorbed. The Yin or dark side of the fan absorbs or deflect Chakra/techniques, while the Yang side forms the powerful barriers. The fan takes an equal amount of Chakra to erect these barriers. This means, it takes a C-rank amount to deflect a C-rank etc.

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