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PostSubject: Character Jutsu Info   Character Jutsu Info EmptyTue Jun 26, 2012 7:47 pm

Academy students~ can learn E-D Ranked Jutsus: They start with no jutsu at the beginning. [can only have a max of Six Jutsus]

Genin~ can learn E-C Ranked Jutsus [can only have 20 jutsus in total. However when your creating your Genin character for the first time you can only have the 5 E-rank jutsu 3 D-rank and 2 C-rank jutsu. At this point you will have no elemental Jutsus. Genin may learn up to 4 B-rank jutsu before becoming a Chunin through training.
Remember to put these:
Bunshin no jutsu
Kawarimi no jutsu
Henge no jutsu

Chuunin~can learn E-B Ranked Jutsus [can only have 20 jutsus when creating your character.]

Jounin~ can learn E-S ranked jutsus (Jounins may only have two S-Ranked Jutsu at the begining) [can have 30 jutsus when creating character]

ANBU can learn jutsu depending on what rank they are if they are a chuunin ANBU they learn the amount of jutsus a chuunin can learn. If they are a jounin ANBU they learn jutsus for jounin.

Kage~ can learn E-S Ranked Jutsus (kage may only have three S-ranked jutsus at the begining) [can have 40 jutsus when creating character]

Missing-nins the ranks a missing-nin can learn depends on the rank they were before the became a missing-nin (ex. if you were a chuunin that became a missing-nin you will only be able to have in the beginning e-b ranked jutsus when making your character, you may then learn higher ranked jutsu when you rp on learning them) [the amount of jutsus depends on the rank you were before your character became a missing-nin]

(This only limits the amount of jutsus you can have when making your character you can then rp on learning more jutsu after)

The same rule applies to Samurai and their respective ranks..

Chugen - Genin, Elite Chugen - Chuunin, and so on.
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Character Jutsu Info
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