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 Naruto tales of the shinobi

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PostSubject: Naruto tales of the shinobi   Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:20 pm

Naruto:Tales of the Shinobi is a mixed Canon-AU storyline based text RPG in the world of Naruto; a manga written, owned, and given to the world to enjoy by the ever wonderful Masashi Kishimoto. Our story is diverse; ever changing and adapting to the player's whims. Personal plots effect everything; becoming village and even site plots. Players are encouraged to explore; train; and overall have fun. While not a combat oriented site; we do have a well developed combat system in place; as well as a dynamic ranking system. Characters and clans are given huge amounts of freedom for creation; and imagination in all things in is not only welcome, it is encouraged. If your mind can create it and it fits within the site's rules; we're happy to allow it. We currently stand on the cusp of our first major plot arc:

Tales of the Shinobi: In The Time of Madness and Men

Rules || Character Guide || Clan Guide || Specialties || Staff Contacts

What we offer:

  • Experienced, Quickly Responding Staff; With Plenty of Chances to Join
  • Drama Free Environment
  • Established, Balanced, Constantly Updating Systems
  • Large selection of Specialties and Elemental Releases
  • Balanced ryo gain, fair chakra pools, inexpensive items
  • Easy Customization, with lots of freedom
  • No time wasted on hand signs
  • Plenty of chances for rank ups
  • No Favoritism. You get what you earn.
  • Lots of Global and Mini-Events for your enjoyment
  • 5 Shinobi Villages, 1 Country Entirely for Missing Ninja, and 1 Neutral Land for everyone
  • Custom areas in all villages; with the options for users to add whatever they want
  • Special team for Coding and GFX specialists; with special perks just for them
  • Soon to be released: Bijuu, Chakra Beast, Legendary Beasts, Rinnengan, etc

Mention the username of the person that brought you to the site for a special prize for both of you.~

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Naruto tales of the shinobi
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