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 Plot: Rise of the Oni

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Plot: Rise of the Oni Empty
PostSubject: Plot: Rise of the Oni   Plot: Rise of the Oni EmptyWed Feb 26, 2014 6:49 am

For thousands of years we have slept... Leaving our precious home world to grow without our guidance, as we did every century. The planet we forged... The planet we crafted in our image. The planet we SAVED. We left its fate in the hands of time, yet again.

As part of the ritual, we abandoned our current home and headed to our underground hibernation sites. The island where we watched the events of the world take place would soon be lost to time, but it was no worry... We would create another when the time came.

We assumed that we would awaken to find that the planet had grown new flora and fauna. That we would have hundreds --if not thousands-- of new species to catalog and study. We assumed that the planet would survive and recover from any plague or injury it had received.

We were wrong...

To our horror, the planet had been taken over by new masters... Although these beings were not so much masters, as they were VERMIN.These beings that appeared from nowhere had no respect for their new home. They leeched off of our precious planet. They consumed more than the planet could offer, but they never gave back to it. And if they weren't doing this, they were using her precious materials for weapons of war.  

We could hear her screams... We could hear her cries, but these new beings continued to defile her with their very existence.

These pitiful humans think they are the ones who rule this planet. They take what land they want and do to it as they see fit -- not caring about what they destroy with their acts of greed and arrogance. How many creatures have died in the wake of their expansion? How many species have been pushed to the brink of extinction due to their gluttony?

For generations, we have watched them from the shadows. Watched as they warred with one another over land that wasn't theirs. Watched as they killed one another for being different. We watched as they continued to defile our creation with no remorse.

These beings may forget what they have done, but we have cataloged every one of their sins from the shadows.

Now as they gather for an event of mindless violence, we will strike. We will divide their numbers until there are none left. We will hunt each and every one of them down, until none remain.

We are retribution.

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Plot: Rise of the Oni
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