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 Mission System and Points

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PostSubject: Mission System and Points   Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:17 am

Mission Template:

Mission Name:
Rank: (Mission Rank.. D-S)
Type: (Infiltration, assassination, coup d'etat, rescue, etc.)
Client: (Name of person mission is being done for)

Mission Objective(s): (List of mission
Extra Information:
(Any additional info)
Preferred Number/Rank of Shinobi Attending:
Reward Points: (Number of points given upon completion)
Status: (Open, Closed, Complete, Failed, etc.)

Reward Points:

E-Rank: 5 Points
D-rank: 10 Points
C-rank: 20 Points
B-rank: 40 Points
A-rank: 60 Points
S-rank: 80 Points

Mission Types:

Assassination: Kill a target or targets that have been classified as a threat to your village.
Capture: Capture a target or targets that know valuable information.
Rescue: Rescue a captured ally from an enemy base/camp/village
Defense: Help defend an area from X amount of enemies.
Spy/Infiltration: Gather information from enemy territory without being seen.
Escort: Escort a VIP from point A to point B (etc.) without them being harmed in the process
Sabotage: Destroy enemy weapon caches, food storage, supply storage, etc.
General Labor: Do some labor for towns folk! (Usually done by Academy Students or Genin)
Extermination: Invade enemy territory. Leave no one alive. (Don't go overboard with this one)
Coup d'etat: Help some people stage a coup!

[u][b]Mission Name:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Type: [/b][/u]
[u][b]Client: [/b][/u]

[u][b]Description:[/b] [/u]
[u][b]Mission Objective(s): [/b][/u]
Extra Information:[/b]
[/u][u][b]Preferred Number/Rank of Shinobi Attending: [/b][/u]
[u][b]Reward Points: [/b][/u]
[u][b]Status: [/b][/u]
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Mission System and Points
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