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PostSubject: Tenma no Kuni- The Land of Demons   Tenma no Kuni- The Land of Demons EmptyWed Jun 27, 2012 6:08 am

Village Name: Tenma no Kuni (Actually the chain of islands as a whole are named this. The Village's name is Onigakure. All Islands however, are ruled by the Akumakage.

Village Nickname: The Islands of demons

Village Symbol: The Symbol is known as "The Devil's Claw" is used on the forehead protectors of the shinobi.

Resources: There are areas on certain islands that a special metal known as "Kowarenai". This metal gained it's name for being practically unbreakable. It is possible to mine the ore by breaking the surrounding rock and taking the pieces found, using special mining tools. However, once melted down and turned into a weapon or item, the metal will be able to withstand much use.

Leader Name(s): Seisoku Kedamono, Despair, Excors Rikiya

Leader Title: Akumakage

Village Goals: To become a better part of the shinobi world. To be recognized as a great village.

Village Alliances: None.

Village Location: It is located far off the southeast coast of the Land of Fire, barely visible on the horizon; even on Kirigakure. The islands can only be seen during the sun set. During any other time of day it is hidden by a thick fog.

Village Description: The middle island is the location of Onigakure; it is the largest and most populated. Surrounding this main island are a chain of seven smaller ones, each island is connected with one another by a system of ferry's and by the fact that most of the island's residents can fly! The entire system of islands is surrounded by a wall of sharp rocks pointing out of the sea that prevent any ships that manage to get close from entering.

The main village, Onigakure, is a very industrialized area. Located here are the best shops, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment. Most of the living areas are apartment buildings with a few houses here and there. In the center of Onigakure is the large mansion in which the Akumakage's reside. It is also on this island where the Shinobi Academy is located.

The smaller islands (each numbered on the picture above) each serve their own purpose and have their own names.

Island 1: Is called Sukoshi Island. It is the main farming island of the chain. The land here is flat and green with small hills and peninsula's and plenty of rivers. Life here is quiet and subtle, however there are many festivals held here throughout the year, which makes it a great attraction for those who are looking for some fun.

Island 2: Is called the Kyouko Island. It is basically the equivalent of the Leaf Village's Forest of Death. As well as a nature preserve. It is here that Genin who wish to take the Chunin exams test out their survival skills. It is inhabited by large and fierce animals. People that live here are usually tasked with taking care of the animals. In the center is an arena where Genin who pass their survival test come to for the preliminary rounds of the Chunin exams.

Island 3: Is the second biggest island. It is known as the Kakusare Islands. This island is known for it's many hot springs and is the location of many resorts and spas. There are many boutiques and restaurants located here as well. Houses found here are usually large and unique, as people who live on this island probably have lots of money.  

Island 4: Is known as the Seicho Islands. It is the location of the Tenma no Kuni Shinobi Academy. Also, the training grounds are located in this area as well. Many shinobi come here to train and learn new techniques. The land here consists of large grassy, hills. Rivers and lakes dot the surrounding area. There is a small mountain chain that runs across the southern area of the mountains. As well as a coniferous forest that is located on the east of the island. The varying landscapes of this island makes it the perfect place to train for the new and experienced shinobi.  

Island 5: It is the smallest island. It's known as the Minato islands. It is the fishing island and is also the harbor where the ferry's that connect the island are stored until the morning. Several small farms and houses can be found here. It is also the location of one of the mines where a special metal known as "Kowarenai" can be found.

Island 6: Known as the Igaku islands. It is made of of flat, green, planes and fresh rivers. Many herbs and medicinal plants grow here naturally, there are also many medicinal greenhouses here that grow special herbs to cure poisons and diseases. It is the location of Tenma no Kuni's largest and most experienced hospital. Many doctors live on this island as to live close to the hospital. Also, Tenma no Kuni's Medical Ninjutsu Academy is located here to train those who wish in special Medical Techniques.

Island 7: Known as the Kinzoku Island. It is a rocky, mountainous island. It is here, that most of the Kowarenai mines can be found. It is also here that many blacksmiths can be found that craft weaponry out of this metal. Another important area located here is the Weaponry Academy; an academy made to train those who use weaponry techniques.  

Village Customs:

Festivals: The island has many festivals throughout the year. Many of the thrown on Sukoshi island.

Soritsu-sha-sai-The Founders Festival: It is a festival thrown at the beginning of the April. This festival is to commemorate the founding of Tenma no Kuni more than 2000 years ago. It involves lots of fireworks, traditional dances, food, mock fights, plays and other forms of entertainment. The festival is a week long. At the end of the seventh day a brilliant display of fireworks is shown.

Sotsugyo-sa-The Graduation Festival: This festival is one of the few to be held on the main island of Tenma no Kuni-Onigakure. This is a festival that happens in the beginning of June. June is the month of which the graduates of the shinobi academy are announced and sent to become genin. This festival is meant as a celebration to those lucky children and it is also where they are given there forehead protectors and squads.

Shi no saiten- The Festival of Death: A Festival held every year in August to commemorate those who have fallen over the years. Everyone dresses in a black, hooded, cloak and wears a simple, white mask. A play is given to symbolize the rising of spirits into heaven and a prayer is given. At the end of the festival everyone lights a paper lantern and releases it into the air.

Shiki no matsuri- Festival of the Seasons: A festival that is held on every seasonal change. It is thrown to invoke good luck for the members of the islands on the passing seasons, so they can make it to the next. Different clothes would be worn for the appropriate season. Different dances would be given as well. For example, Bright, colorful clothes will be worn at the beginning of spring, while light, clothes would be worn in the summer, heavier, white clothes in the winter, and orange, red, and yellow clothing in the fall. They usually are meant to match with the seasons. At the end of each festival, there is a fireworks show, the colors, matching the season.


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PostSubject: Re: Tenma no Kuni- The Land of Demons   Tenma no Kuni- The Land of Demons EmptyTue Jan 08, 2013 3:22 am

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Tenma no Kuni- The Land of Demons
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