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 Excors Rikiya

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PostSubject: Excors Rikiya    Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:07 pm

Character Information

Name: Excors Rikiya

Age: 350. Appearance of a 20 year old.

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Onigakure

Date of Birth: January 14


Hair: His hair is mid-length, somewhat spiky and black. His Bangs fall over his face but parts twice over his eyes, leaving hair falling over his nose. It reaches to his shoulder blades.

Face: His left eye is red and his right eye is blue. He has normal cheekbones, slender, but masculine jaw.

Body: Normal build, little body fat, no tattoos except for the marking on his arm. Not very muscular, but not bony. Caucasian skin.

Clothing: Black, leather, overcoat with the left sleeve missing. Sleeveless red undershirt. Black pants with the right leg stopping half way and the rest being made of belts. He wears black sneakers.

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 140 pounds

Personality: Excors tends to be a lazy individual when he's not on the battlefield, but when he is he shows extreme brutality. He likes to play Shogi and listen to music while relaxing. Excors is the laziest of Kage's, rivaling Seisoku, but will stop at nothing to protect his village. He's rather quiet if he doesn't know you, but tends to be open around the few he does know. Excors doesn't partake in drinking alcohol because he never liked it. He is a very intellectual person, having a higher IQ of a normal human. Excors doesn't like Konoha for personal reasons that he does not wish to discuss.

Likes: .

  • Music
  • Relaxing
  • Shogi
  • Tooru Rikiya (his wife)

  • The Leaf Village
  • Doing lots of work
  • Being woken up


Birth Arc:
When Excors was a newborn, the demon inside his arm took control of his body and went on a rampage. Though his clan members tried to fight back, he got them by surprise and they weren't really prepared for an inside attack. He unwillingly was the murderer of all his clan members.

He was left alone as a newly born child; only to be found by the long-term Akumakage.

Academy Arc:
Excors was taken under the wing of the Akumakage, Seisoku. There he was taught the ways of the shinobi and basic moves and maneuvers. Along with his natural abilities, he had the potential to become a great shinobi. Seeing this, Seisoku, basically made it so Excors didn't have to go to the academy per se. He was taught directly by the Akumakage.

Genin Arc: As Excors didn't go to the Shinobi Academy, he was able to cut all it's bull and quickly become a genin around the age of 10. During this time he was assigned a Sensei and teammates. Since he was the youngest of his group he was underestimated mostly all of the time, however, his training with the Akumakage had made him rather superior to the rest of his team.

He was sent on many missions with his shinobi squad; each more difficult than the last. He was closely watched over by the Akumakage, who knew of his dark past, but wasn't ready to tell him of how his clan fell. After about a year of training and missions, their sensei saw that his group was ready for the chuunin exams and signed them up to take them.

Chuunin Arc: Having proven himself in the chuunin exams, Excors left his squad to become a member of the ANBU Black Ops as per persuasion of the kage. The ANBU was a good place for Excors as he was mostly seen as a lone wolf. Also, he was one of the youngest members of the ANBU-being only 12 when he joined; he was considered a genius among them, but others considered him a threat to their positions.

He quickly rose in the ranks of ANBU, being sent on more and more important missions by Seisoku; eventually working under him directly. He worked as a Chuunin level ANBU member for another 2 years, carrying out many missions and assassinations directed by the Akumakage himself. He gained rather much fame in Tenma no Kuni, as he was one of the youngest ANBU members to carry out as many missions as he did.

On his fifteenth birthday, Seisoku approached Excors and sat him down. He told the young one that he needed to talk to him and was going to give him a choice. It was then that Seisoku told Excors abut his gruesome past-the slaying of his clan and the fact that Excors himself was the one that did it. After telling this to the shocked child, he gave him a choice: Run from his past, or continue living in the village as a Jounin. Though it took several days of thought, Excors finally returned to Seisoku and told him he'd become a jounin.

Jounin Arc: Excors, now a Jounin, was eligible to become an ANBU Captain. In order to do so, however, he had to be given a small test. The test was to go into the Land of Sound and assassinate their leader, while making it look like an internal homicide (betrayal). Excors traveled to the Land of Sound by air, arriving there shortly after leaving his village. For three days he thought of a plan of how to assassinate the leader of the Land of Sound, and finally, he got one. He stalked and killed one of the men working for the leader of the Sound Village and took his appearance. With this new disguise, he faked a suicide bombing of the Land of Sound's leader, safely escaping the blast and returning home.

With the success of his mission came the promotion to ANBU Captain.

Kage Arc: Excors was an ANBU captain until his 20th birthday. It was on this day that Seisoku approached him and asked him to be an Akumakage along with him. Excited about the offer, Excors accepted the offer and now became an Akumakage with Seisoku.

Not long after this (not long being the generously used term) another known as Despair was made to be an Akumakage as well.

Ninja ID

Village: Onigakure

Rank: Akumakage

Element: Wind and Water

Nindo: "Meh."

Skills: Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Genjutsu

You can only use Jutsus that your Rank allows you to. For example a Chuunin can have up to 4 skills. But cannot exceed B-rank Jutsus.

Equipment: Soldier Pills: 4 Nodachi: 1

Fighting Styles: He fights using mainly swords

Clan Information


Misc. Information

RP sample:Excors walks into his bedroom and looks at he bed. He then lays on his bed saying "Meh". He then goes to sleep.

Nicknames: None

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Posts : 26
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PostSubject: Re: Excors Rikiya    Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:39 pm

E Rank

D Rank

C Rank

B Rank

A Rank



Clan Jutsu






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PostSubject: Re: Excors Rikiya    Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:00 am

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PostSubject: Re: Excors Rikiya    

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Excors Rikiya
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