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PostSubject: Caelestis Tomoshibi   Caelestis Tomoshibi EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 5:54 am

Character Information

Name: Caelestis Tomoshibi

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Sunagakure

Date of Birth: March 3rd


Hair/Eyes/Face: Caelestis' hair is a white as snow. His hair is straight, and spiky about 6 inches long and very feathery. Other than that, there is nothing special about it. His eyes are a pale blue color, they glimmer even in the dimmest of light, something that his parents thought was very special about him. He has a light scar running across his left cheek in a horizontal line from a previous childhood injury. Caelestis always keeps a free-spirited expression on his face which reflects his free spirited attitude towards.. Well.. Everything.

Body: He is very slender and muscular, more of well-toned than bulging muscles. His skin is tanned a golden brown thanks to living in the desert and whatnot. Caelestis has a large scar running down his chest, he received this scar in a training accident when an exploding tag went off prematurely and some of the debris harmed him. Caelestis wears somewhat odd clothing; a long sleeved v-neck shirt, the left sleeve is black, and the right sleeve is white, whereas the left half of the shirt is white and the right half of the shirt is black. The sleeves to his shirt bell out at the ends, he hides weapons and scrolls in these sleeves. Caelestis wears a black glove on his right hand and a white glove on his left. He wears black pants that balloon out, giving them a "poofy" look. He has a black and white checkered belt. He also wears black boots that have three sharp metal spikes has the front that help him deal extra damage when kicking his enemy

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 124lbs

Personality: Caelestis is a very free-spirited individual. He loves to have fun and play pranks on people. This usually makes people who are older than him get rather annoyed, because he doesn't hesitate to pull pranks on his elders. Even when fighting he acts less than serious. Yami enjoys making friends and rarely gets mad at people. He tries to find good in even the worst of people, however, he can see those who are truly evil. Caelistis laughs in the face of danger and death because he knows that as a shinobi he will face those things every day. He openly embraces a challenge and openly challenges people to fights. He is more of an anti-hero than anything. He loves to help others, but he also loves to start fights with the innocent. He sometimes openly challenges people's views on things because he loves debates. He loves a good fight.

Likes: .

  • Fighting
  • Sweet things like candy
  • Playing pranks on people
  • Making new techniques
  • Learning new things

  • Being yelled at
  • People who can't take a joke
  • Spicy foods


Birth Arc:
Caelestis' parents originally came from Iwagakure. When the clan had defected from the village they had spread throughout the shinobi world. His parents had ended up in the deserts of the Land of Wind. They were greatly unprepared for traversing this harsh terrain; the many sandstorms and hot weather had hindered their travel. They ended up stranded in the great deserts of the Wind Country. It was pure luck that they were found by a shinobi of the sand village. The shinobi had found them; skin burned from the sun, faced down in the sand and unconscious from the heat. The shinobi gave them water and medicine for their burns. The shinobi then acted like a guide and brought them to the Village in which he served.

Caelestis' parents remained in this village, becoming citizens and eventually becoming shinobi. After a few years they had a son of their own.

His parents began to train him as a shinobi as soon as he was able. By the time he entered the academy he was very skillful in the basics of shinobi tactics and jutsu.

Academy Arc:
Caelestis had entered the academy at the age of 9. He was always at the top of his class thanks to the previous teachings of his parents. Unlike most of his classmates, however, he never really took an interest in puppeteering like most of his other classmates. He was more interested in direct attacks rather than indirect attacks such as using a puppet. While in the academy he learned even more about being a shinobi and the shinobi code. He learned that the importance of the mission's success is what mattered, that being a shinobi meant that his life would be on the line every day. Yami openly accepted that.

Caelestis had made many friends in the academy and like everyone else he also had his enemies. There were kids who had made fun of him, he would always get back at them by humiliating them with a well-timed and well-thought out scheme. He even played tricks on the teacher. Even though he was a good student, he grew bored with most of the teachings and acted out by playing tricks on others. He had become much of a troublemaker.

He graduated the academy and was given a Jounin sensei when he was 10 years old.

Genin Arc: Caelestis had met his Jounin sensei and the rest of his team one morning in the training grounds of Sunagakure. After giving him and his teammates a rather difficult test to prove their worth, they all were rightfully given the rank of Genin. Their Sensei had them going on missions from the start. He actually allowed them to go on B-Rank Missions. Their sensei was cold, blunt and to the point. He made it apparent that they would not be treated well if they acted weak. So he trained them to be like unmovable mountains. Caelestis' naturally laid back demeanor made this rather difficult. He often angered his sensei by playing tricks on him and his other teammates. Which usually led to consequences such as him having to run around the village in the searing hot sun for several laps. He never let any of this stop him from being himself though, he almost always redeemed himself in the eyes of his sensei when they were doing missions which kept a certain love-hate relationship between them.

Several months passed and then years. Caelestis and his teammates began to grow stronger. Their sensei finally saw them ready for the Chuunin exams.

Chuunin Arc: -

Jounin Arc -

Kage Arc: -

Missing Nin Arc: -

Ninja ID

Village: Sunagakure

Rank: Genin

Element: Raiton + Katon = Hikariton

Nindo: Give your lives for what you do, just make sure you have fun doing it

Skills: Kenjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Ninjutsu, Weaponry

You can only use Jutsus that your Rank allows you to. For example a Chuunin can have up to 4 skills. But cannot exceed B-rank Jutsus.

Equipment: Kunai x 30 Shuriken x 30 Soldier pills x3 Wire x 30ft Explosive tags x 20 Weapons Scroll x 2 (Many weapons inside of that scroll) Spear x 1

Fighting Styles:




Weaponry Jutsu: 1 B Rank

Ninjutsu: 1 C Rank

Fuuinjutsu: 1 C-Rank


Clan Information

Clan: Tomoshibi Clan

Kekkei Genkai: Hikariton


Clan weapon:

Clan History:

Misc. Information

RP sample: "You CAN'T be serious!? No Nuh-uh! NO FUCKING WAY!" ^^ And so I has spoken AAAGGGHH!!! BURNING !


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PostSubject: Re: Caelestis Tomoshibi   Caelestis Tomoshibi EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 6:02 am

Approved >.>
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