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PostSubject: Sumizome Tomoshibi    Sumizome Tomoshibi  EmptySat Aug 18, 2012 5:41 am

Character Information

Name: Sumizome Tomoshibi

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Land of Iron

Date of Birth: May 5th

Appearance: Sumizome is very short and young looking for his age, so instead of looking 16 he looks more like a 12 year old more or less. Sumizome isn't rather built, he's got some muscle, but not to the point where it's bulging, and it's somewhat unnoticeable under his clothes. His hair is snowy white, his eyes are pale blue, he has a light tan, and he carries a soft expression on his face most of the time. Sumizome prefers not to wear the samurai armor that has been given to him. He finds the armor bulky and hard to move in. Instead he wears rather traditional clothing from feudal eras. He wears, straw sandals, tabi socks, black hakama, a silky silver no-sleeved top with a dragon on the back. He wears his samurai armor when he must, but his is different than most others. His armor is black and silver, looking nothing like the traditional samurai armor and more like a new-age type of armor. Looking something like this:


He wears a rather large scroll that is tied around his waist (Think Tenten) inside of which is a numerous amount of weapons. Sumizome also has a small red and golden dragon tattoo on his right shoulder to his neck.

Height: 5'

Weight: 112 pounds

Personality: Sumizome is a hard working person, when he is given a task he likes to get it done without taking any breaks. He's a fighter; usually fighting to the point that he can't fight anymore. Around people he can be takative or quiet, it usually depends on his mood. He is a cool headed individual, this state of mind usually stays with him even in battle. Sumizome is also a nature lover and lover of the arts. When it comes to socializing, he is somewhat good in that area. Sometimes he can be a very friendly person, while other times he can be seen as a loner. He likes to help those that are in need and likes to make friends with people who he trusts.


  • Fighting
  • Sweet Foods
  • Reading
  • Swords
  • Animals

  • Being called short D:<
  • When people think that he is short
  • Being short

After the Tomoshibi clan defected to Iwagakure, they sought refuge in Kumogakure. The history says that all of them went to Kumogakure; however this is not the case. Some members of the Tomoshibi clan moved to various places around the shinobi world, some even fled to the Samurai nations. A small group of Tomoshibi clan members, no larger than 12 people, were one of those groups who fled to the samurai nations. Among this group was a pregnant female (his mother). He was born shortly after his family’s arrival to the land of iron. Since he was born to two shinobi parents he was trained to use his Kekkei Genkai, however since he was born in the land of iron, he also began training as a samurai. His training started from when he was 6 years old and onward. Learning both the ways of the Samurai and the ways of the shinobi proved to be tough, the Samurai's way was way different from the Shinobi's way and so he had to find a way to make them both work. Sumizome excelled in things such as Kendo and hand to hand combat, and for his shinobi training he excelled in stealth, his kekkei genkai, and other areas. He entered to Samurai academy at the age of 10 and graduated at the age of 13.Sumizome's time as a Chugen was relatively short, his samurai and shinobi training really made him a natural at fighting. He spent most of his time as a chugen training as a samurai and receiving lessons from his (former) shinobi parents. He received his first custom sword at the age of 14 as a birthday present from his grandfather. With further training, he was able to impress the “higher-ups” and move on to the Gashira rank at 15. While a Gashira, Sumizome began to work on his own custom armor. He really didn’t like the standard samurai armor, but he didn’t want to complain about it when he was a low rank. When he got the proper materials he began to work on his armor. In addition to this, instead of regular swords, he began to use his clan weapons. They were easier to carry and could be hidden with little effort, which made them great stealth weapons. The only swords he did carry were the first sword he received, and the large sword that was given to him when he was born. He was a very dedicated warrior, following order s and going on missions without any questions. After a year, he was promoted to Kyuunin.

Samurai ID

Village: Land of Iron

Rank: Kyuunin

Element: Fire and Lightning

Skills: Kenjutsu, taijutsu, weaponry, Kekkei Genkai

You can only use Jutsus that your Rank allows you to. For example an Elite Chugen can have up to 4 skills. But cannot exceed B-rank Jutsus.

Equipment: Nodachi x 1 Clan weapon x2, Giant Zweihänder x1, Kusarigama(Chain-sickle) x ??, Kunai Grenade x??, Large weapons scroll x1, small weapons scroll(s) x4

Fighting Styles: Kendo and Various Martial Arts such as Hapkido

Jutsu: Taijutsu: (I'm going to leave these three spots open for later)

Kenjutsu: 4


Weaponry: 5


Kekkei Genkai: 13


Clan Information

Clan: Tomoshibi Clan

Kekkei Genkai:


Clan weapon:

Clan History:

Misc. Information

RP sample: I refuse.


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