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 Tooru's Chimera Summons

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PostSubject: Tooru's Chimera Summons   Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:20 am

Summon Name: Kimera

Rank: kid

Species Chimera

Type: Tracking/Communication


Ability: Kimera's snake tail, being almost a separate creature, can create a toxin that is injected to a person's body via bite. This toxin, if left untreated, can have dangerous effects on the person it is injected in to.

After four posts: The one who was bitten will begin to feel lightheaded and dizzy, they will eventually have hard time standing.

After six posts: The toxin gives the one who was bitten slight muscle pains which get stronger as the person moves more.

After eight posts: The one who was bitten will begin to feel numb and will have a prickling sensation all over their body as if they were being stabbed by needles. Their reaction speed will deteriorate moderately.

After ten posts: The numbing sensation will continue to increase until their entire body is numb, this process is sped up if the person is moving around often as it helps the toxin spread through the body faster.

This toxin isn't very strong, so it will eventually leave the body after about two days or if treated with an antitoxin.

Personality: Short tempered when it comes to people his master does not like. He is rather overprotective of her and tends to rush into problems head-first. Though he is the youngest one of the summons, he tends to be rather knowledgeable for his age-often being compared to a person of many years and wisdom.

Description: Being the youngest of Tooru's summons, he isn't very large at all. He is comparable in size to a small dog and is often (though against his will) carried around by Tooru in her arms. Kimera can also, at times, extend and retract small, black, bat-like wings from his back which allow him to fly.



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Tooru's Chimera Summons
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