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 Sumaru Shokubutsu

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Sumaru Shokubutsu
Sumaru Shokubutsu

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PostSubject: Sumaru Shokubutsu   Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:10 pm

Character Information

Sumaru Shokubutsu



Place of Birth:
Hidden Rock

Date of Birth: (Month/day)
January 27th

ignore the eyes in this one


Sumaru is quite slender and tall, he is well toned and muscular. He inherited the blonde hair colour of his clan along with their yellow eyes. On his upper half he wears a plain white t-shirt and a green jacket, he also keeps a sword attached to his back along with a blow pipe
On his lower half he wears ¾ length jeans, attached to this waist is two daggers and on his upper thy there is a holster to keep his ninja tools. He always walks bare footed.
This rather odd appearance turns heads even those who are familiar with his clans appearance, mostly because Sumaru does walk around barefooted and in the toren jeans.
Although when the need comes for it he will force himself to wear formal clothing even though he cant actualy stand wearing that form of clothing and will always refuse to wear foot ware but maybe with the exception of sandles, even that is a rare event

6 foot

11 stone

Personality: Sumaru is a kind and gentle sort. but he doesnt realy trust anyone due to many of his family and friends being killed by shinobi of other nations.
Although for those who he does trust he will go out of his way to help them with their matters. this makes him seem rather cold and heartless to people he isnt familiar with on first impressions. However as they get to know him and he becomes to trust them they will find that he is always game to have a laugh and will protect all those around him by any means necessary

- Nature
- Creatures
- Sake
- Painting

• War
• Destruction
• Inconsiderate people

Birth Arc
Sumaru being born to to the hidden Rock village was brought up to respect all the nature around him due to his families kekkeigenkai. As he grew up in the hidden rock he learned that using the forces of nature was the most effective method to utalise in all aspects of life.

Academy Arc
Durring his times in the academy the classes other nations were aiming to infultrate the rock to gain as much information as possible and even take away young children with special jutsu or kekkei genkai to be used in the intruders own village. this ment that often the children were home schooled to protect them. Sumaru was always quite the little book worm keeping this habbit throughout his life

Genin Arc:
After graduating from the academy being mostly home schooled he was trained by his older brother, as he was the jounin he was assigned to. During his training he was able to master his families jutsu. As this although after a while he was assigned to a different jounin as his older brother left the village as he was hired by the sand village due to his skills in growing and utalising many forms of plant life and using them for medicinal purposes.

As the chuunin exams came his first time properly leaving the land of Earth ment that a whole new world opened up to him. That year the exams were held in the leaf village. although the terrain was not what he was accustomed to he was very comftorable with the landscape. Undergoing the survival test was a simple matter for the young shinobi. During the battle round he was able to maintain his resolve and battle his way to victory. Although his opponent proved to be troublesome as they were very skilled meaning Sumaru had to think on his feet narrowly avoiding defeat.

Chuunin Arc:
Once he graduated from the exams he returned to his village. Each day he would hope that the other nations would not fued and leave his land in peace. But at this time a new threat came to be. Originating in the land of Iron, samurai made their move on the village. Each of the shinobi within the village at this time was called upon to stop the advancing attack of the samurai.
Continuing to defend from these attacks for several years Sumaru managed to find time to train and enhance his skills further.

Jounin Arc:
Shortly after he was made a jounin by the village superiors the heads of the village were killed by a surprise attack. This happened by a rogue shinobi posing as a rock shinobi and posing as members of the village for some time. When they were aware of where the heads of the village were located they proceeded to assassinate the majority of them including the lands Kage. Fortunately a handful of the village heads avoided this. And the offending shinobi were delt with appropriately
For a short time after the village shinobi continued to fend off the outside attacks.
However one fateful day a group of outsiders turning out to be samurai along with their leader advanced on the village, causing all the village to go on defence. But the samurai simply walked to the gates and requested to speek with the village elders. Reluctantly it was agreed to and on this day a peace treaty was signed between the hidden geass and the samurai of the land of iron.
From this day the samurai agreed to teach the grass shinobi the way of the sword adding to the villages level of combat skill. Naturaly a young Sumaru took full advantage of this offer learning the new skill

Kage Arc:
After the peace treaty was signed by the village heads and the samurai the heads of the village decided that it was time to have a shinobi in the village who could be seen as the Kage.
Sumaru being called before the heads of the willage was informed that he was one of the few shinobi within the village that could be considered on the same level as the Kage of the five great nations. Although he was one of the few he was chosen due to his skills both on the battlefield and his nature abilities.
Taking on this position he vowed to take on the responsibility of the kage of the village.

Ninja ID

hidden rock


Earth, Water

Nindo: No more war

Skills: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Weaponry kenjutsu

X2 Daggers
Standard samurai sword (40” long)
Blow Pipe
Paper Bombs
Smoke Bombs

Fighting Styles: he prefers mid to long range combat. However when he gets into close combat he will prefere to use weapons such as his daggers

non elemental:




Clan Name:

Clan Nick-name:

~Kekkei Genkai Template~

Kekkei Genkai Name:

Kekkei Genkai Description:
Working in a similar manner to the wood release
This technique gives the unique ability of controlling the natural environment. This means that they will be able to control plant life.
The plant life is controlled by causing plants to grow at a rapid rate enabling those with the kekkei genkai to either attack or defend with any form of plant. This can be used for offence and defence purposes. It also enables tham to to control the likes of leaves causing them to harden and become sharp to be used as individual weapons. Like shuriken.
Creatures such as small mammals can be communicated with through their kekkei genkai, this is very handy for recon purposes.

Kekkei Genkai Effect:
Nature release and animal communication

~Clan Traits~

Physical Traits:
Blonde hair
Yellow Eyes

Mental Traits:
Nothing spectacular however they have a tendancy to be quite lazy

Clan Customs:
Help those who need it if its requested or not
Dont help those who demand and expect it

~Clan Information~

Clan Founder
Many generations ago, too many to count Amalon Shokubutsu utilised his elements to command the plants to his will

Current Clan Leader
Sumaru Shokubutsu

Clan History:
This clan origionated in the hidden rock village and remain there loyal to the village. Often other villages will call upon them due to their unique abilities with plants. Often they are requested to produce medicinal herbs in other villages throughout the nations.
The clan are the maintainers of the village and take it upon themselves to ensure that the village is well protected with plant life as well as ensuring that they keep the villages medicinal supply well stocked up.
Due to their usefulness the Shokubutsu clan are valued by the land of rock and have been for a very long time. They are sought out by those in need as well as the wealthy pleading with them to use their manipulation of plants for their benifit.
Traditionally the Shokubutsu clan will only provide such assistance to those who are the most needy. This could range from someone laying hungry on the street to those on deaths door from an illness. They are as diverse as the plants that they command.
However it has been known in the past of the very rich coming to them with a flu pushing the more needy aside... this simply causes any shokubutsu to turn away this insolent fool even if it will mean the rich fools death

Clan Age:
1500 years

Clan Enemy:
Currently none

Clan Alliances:
Currently none

Clan Symbol:

Clan Element:
Earth and Water

~Clan Offensive/Defensive Info~

Clan Weapon:
Whatever is handy

Clan Jutsus:

Clan Fighting Style:
With weapons: avaiable or jutsu created
preferes mid to long range combat

Misc. Information

RP sample: ill do this later.

You dont need a reason to help someone

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PostSubject: Re: Sumaru Shokubutsu   Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:29 am


Make all of those C-Ranks


Cutting through steel seems a bit much. Maybe iron. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Sumaru Shokubutsu   Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:55 am


Explain it more. How many Chakra points does it cost per meteor? Can he make a group of them at a time? If so, how many Chakra per like 5 or so?


C-ranks. Also. Describe the last one more. How many bullets does he create? How big are they? What's their penetration power?


Give me a more detailed description. And also, how many posts is this active? How many CP are deducted per post. How do they do all this? (Slamming hands on ground, slamming foot on ground, etc.)
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Posts : 128
Shinobi Currency : 546
Join date : 2012-06-26
Age : 25

Character sheet
300/300  (300/300)
Character Nickname: The Thousand Year Kage

PostSubject: Re: Sumaru Shokubutsu   Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:13 am

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PostSubject: Re: Sumaru Shokubutsu   

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Sumaru Shokubutsu
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