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PostSubject: Yuuki Toketsu   Yuuki Toketsu EmptyMon Dec 31, 2012 5:03 am

Character Information

Name: Yuuki Toketsu

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Kirigakure

Date of Birth: December 21


Hair: Yuuki's hair reaches down to the middle of her back and it is an icy blue color. She wears her hair in a ponytail so it isn't all over the place when the wind blows.

Face: Yuuki has bright blue eyes. She has average cheekbones, slender, and has a feminine jaw line.

Body: She has the build of an average 17 year old girl. Very little fat. She has no tattoos or markings on her body.

Clothing: Yuuki wears a blue dress that reaches to her knees and splits on both sides near her hips. Under her dress she has her body covered in bandages from her chest down to her knees. She wears her ANBU mask constantly when she is out of her village. Her mask is in the shape of a cat's face and is the same color as her dress. The mask has a purple trim around all the details of the cat face. She wears shinobi tabi socks and sandals on her feet.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 110 pounds

Personality: Yuuki is a very outgoing and happy person. She likes to joke around with her friends and family, and tends to always be smiling around them. Yuuki likes to go out on adventures to look for things she would never find in her village. She also likes to meet new people and make friends everywhere she goes.

In battle Yuuki is very headstrong and thinks she can beat anyone. This attitude leads to a lot of unnecessary problems for her.


  • winter
  • hot cocoa
  • fighting

  • dogs
  • summer


Birth Arc:
Born and raised in Kirigakure, Yuuki had been around the water for her entire life. She was born into the young-but-powerful clan known as the "Toketsu clan". This meant that she, like the rest of her kin, had the ability to manipulate the phases of water and turn it into ice, as well as control over any existing ice and some control over the weather. Yuuki had grown into her abilities quite quickly from a young age. This innate ability was one that was very rare in the Toketsu clan, and she was held at high standards.

Academy Arc: Yuuki enrolled in the Kirigakure shinobi academy at the age of 9. Her time in the academy was very informative for her. At home, she learned about her clan techniques and other complicated techniques, while at the academy she learned the basics and fundamentals behind the way of the shinobi. She quickly progress through the lessons, excelling strongly in Ninjutsu, but also taking a liking to kenjutsu as well. She graduated in two years from the academy, managing to quickly land herself in a squad that needed a third member.

Genin Arc: Though she joined an already-formed squad, Yuuki was quickly accepted into their group. She was treated with kindness and even respect for her abilities. Her sensei took them on missions, though simple at first, they began to become more like life-lessons than anything else. They would, on occasion, take a higher-difficulty mission-such as tracking a low-level fugitive, or providing bodyguard service-but they saw little action. And whatever action they did see was usually taken care of by their sensei.

In order to prove themselves to their sensei, Yuuki and the members of her squad devised a plan to take on an A-rank mission without anyone knowing. Though against it at first, Yuuki was eventually talked into it by her peers and secretly, wanted a way to prove that she was strong enough to take on powerful foes.

Their plan didn't really go as it was supposed to and ended up getting themselves captured by the person they were trying to hunt down. It didn't take more than a day for their sensei to come rescuing them though. Yuuki had thought something like this would've happened, so she had left behind little markers for people to track if they had gotten in a predicament like this. Their sensei scolded them harshly and made them do even more odd jobs around Kirigakure, but he also praised Yuuki for her cleverness.

After a year passed with her team, they were sent to take the chunin exams. Yuuki had used all the knowlege taught to her by her sensei in order to win the chunin exams.

Chuunin Arc: Ever since Yuuki became a chunin, she had entered the ANBU Blackops defense and counter unit in order to defend her village and friends better. She has been a member of this unit for several years and eventually plans on becoming the leader.

Ninja ID

Village: Kirigakure

Rank: Chunin level ANBU of “Engo-tenhou” (Defense & Counter) unit

Element: Suiton, Fuuton

Nindo: "Looks can be deceiving."

Skills: Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Medical Ninjutsu

You can only use Jutsus that your Rank allows you to. For example a Chuunin can have up to 4 skills. But cannot exceed B-rank Jutsus.

Equipment: Zweihander, 25 paper bombs, 30 Kunai

Fighting Styles: Various sword techniques including her zweihander



Misc. Information

RP sample:

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Yuuki Toketsu
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