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 Yuuki's Sword [wip]

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Yuuki's Sword [wip] Empty
PostSubject: Yuuki's Sword [wip]   Yuuki's Sword [wip] EmptyMon Dec 31, 2012 5:51 am

Name: Soranamida (Sky's Tear)
Owner: Yuuki

Attribute/Element: Suiton
Special Ability: Yuuki has the ability to channel her Suiton chakra through Soranamida to utilize a variety of different special attacks. The blade itself can be turned into a liquid form and then reform into it's solid state.

Special Attack:

Mizu no hashira [Water Pillar]: Yuuki channels her chakra through the sword and then stabs it into the ground. A water pillar will burst into the air from underneath her opponent in a fashion similar to a geyser. The force from this burst of water will launch her opponent 20ft into the air and hopefully leave them open long enough for another attack as they come crashing to the ground. This technique costs 10 chakra and has a 2 post cooldown.

Hasai Kiho [Crushing Bubble]: Soranamida's blade turns into it's water form, though still resembling a sword. Yuuki will then go to stab her opponent with the sword. Instead of penetrating her target, the water will surround them in a bubble-like fashion, trapping them in a bubble of water similar to the Water Prison technique. They will be unable to move while trapped inside of this bubble. For every post they are trapped in the bubble, the water will begin to become pressurized and the bubble will shrink. Eventually the target will literally be crushed to death unless they manage to escape within 5 posts. This technique consumes 15 chakra and has a 4 post cooldown.

Drawback: While the Hasai Kiho ability is active, Yuuki isn't able to use her sword since it is what is forming the bubble, thus making her rely on other weapons.

Durability: Being made out of chakra-infused titanium makes the blade extremely durable and resistant to high heats and damage.

Alloy/Substance: Chakra-infused Titanium
Length & Width: 5 1/2ft length 1 ft width

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Yuuki's Sword [wip]
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