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Yamamoto Hatake
Yamamoto Hatake

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PostSubject: Yamamoto Sword   Yamamoto Sword EmptyFri Jan 04, 2013 4:55 pm

Sado Rouyan

Yamamoto Hatake

5 kilo (empty), 25 kilo (full)

Special Ability:
Water Absorbing
The blade can absorb 20 litres of water without altering in mass whatsoever. Chakra can be used to unleash as much water as the blade contains (1 chakra for each litre) even though this sword absorbs the water it cannot absorb Jutsu unless a jutsu produces a large amount of water allowing the sword to take up to 20 litres of it.
The blade remains as sharp as any other regardless of the water absorbed
It is somewhat useful for traveling through the desert where water is a vaulable comodity. The 20 litres in this type of situation could mean the difference between getting to a destination or becoming a mumified dried out corpse left in the desert

Special Attack:
Gets heaver when absorbs water
Durable as Steel

Sado Rouyan:

Tempered Steel
Length & Width:
50inch handle to tip
42inch blade
8inch handle and guard

The creator of this blade was those of the Mist Village (Kiri), the actual creator is unknown so those of Iwa most definatly havent a clue about the origins of the sword others simply speculate
The sword was aquired by Yamamoto's Uncle Gomichika durring some encounter with shinobi of the mist. He was always unclear about the encounter but Yamamoto never pryed into the matter.
The sword being passed to him and not being aware of the history of it with Kiri could prove to be problematic. Although it is certain that the sword isnt affiliated with the seven swordsmen so the danger of owning the sword is practically non existant. It definately displays the craftmanship of those of the mist enabling a sword of this manner to be created
Ask Kiri they might remember
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Yamamoto Sword
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