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PostSubject: Yoshiko Kotaku   Yoshiko Kotaku EmptyFri Jan 11, 2013 7:09 pm

Character Information

Name: Yoshiko Kotaku

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Otogakure

Date of Birth: April 15th

Appearance: Yoshiko is a rather muscular young adult, he has white hair that is spiky and chin length, steel-grey eyes with specks of red that resemble sparks of flame. His skin is somewhat tanned he is also about 5'6". His choice work outfit is tight black leather pants, a sleeveless leather shirt, black sneakers, and a spiked belt. He also wears a spiked choker and spiked wristbands, and has a dragon tattoo curling up his left arm. His normal attire consist of a red long-sleeved shirt with a the kanjii for fire on it, and black pants with two silver dragons curling up the legs. He also sports black gloves. He has two hip-pouches and hidden kunai compartments up his sleeves. He rarely wears his forehead protector, but when he does, it is around his left arm. On his back he had two large tattoos that resemble bat wings


Height: 5'6"

Weight: 155 pounds

Personality: A Loner from birth. Yoshiko has a calm-cool attitude towards everyone he meets. He tends to ignore most people or pay them little mind, which tends to make people think he is cold. Yoshiko doesn't like large groups of people, nor does he like doing unnecessary work. He loves the wilderness and anything natural.

To people he is friends with he can be seen as a totally different person. He'd be hyperactive and talkative and he'd love to play around and makes jokes. Yoshiko likes to spar to strengthen his skills and loves to go on missions to make money.

Likes: .

  • Nature
  • Sweet foods
  • Friendship

  • Loud things
  • Crowds
  • Rude people

History: Yoshiko, a shinobi born to the land of Otogakure was a talented young shinobi from the start. At the age of 4 his parents had moved to Konohagakure, though he was treated differently for being an outsider, he never let that get to him. He entered the Academy at the age of 6 and graduated a year after. He was always the top of his class, excelling in chakra control and quick thinking and movements. Konohagakure seemed like a land of great opportunity to Yoshiko, he aspired to be the Hokage, but this dream seemed to be far out of his grasp, especially since he was an outsider. He began to become reclusive and not talking to anyone, keeping his dreams to himself.  Since he is a genin, he is being trained by his father, who is a master shinobi, especially in their clan techniques. Though he does have a sensei to help guide him in other areas, he doesn't really care for the members on his team and tends to ignore them. Yoshiko has been awaiting the chunin exams for a while now, as it will be his time to show Konohagakure that he is just as strong as any other one of them.  

Ninja ID

Village: Konohagakure

Rank: Genin

Element: Doton + Katon = Kinzokuton



You can only use Jutsus that your Rank allows you to. For example a Chuunin can have up to 4 skills. But cannot exceed B-rank Jutsus.


Fighting Styles:



Clan Information

Clan: Kotaku Clan

Kekkei Genkai: Kinzokuton [Metal Release]

Description: This kekkei genkai is similar to steel release, however, instead of just covering the user in a steel-like substance, it allows the to create many different objects and defenses of various hardness from the earth around them, as well as create a powerful defense on their bodies.

Kinzokuton is an advanced nature kekkei genaki that utilizes the earth and fire elements to create a metallic substance out of the earth. It also allows the member to create a powerful armor of metal on their skin, while still allowing them to move freely. The members of this clan can create various weapons, defenses, and more, using this kekkei genkai. They can change the hardness and the properties of the metal, such as electrical conductivity, heat resistance, magnetivity, etc.

Clan weapon: Thier bodies. The Earth Around them.

Clan History: It is unknown where the Kotaku clan had originated from, some say that their homeland was Iwagakure, while other say it was Otogakure. As of now, the Kotaku clan is located in Konohagakure. They function like all the others, except they are praised for their great defensive ability and are usually charged with defending the village against attacks. Because of this, most of the more experienced members of the Kotaku clan are members of the Defense and Counter unit of the ANBU Black Ops.

Their clan history states that they were founded 100 years ago by a man named Kozuki Kotaku. It doesn't say where from, but the texts state that they were in a state of constant war with their current village. Kozuki Kotaku had been assassinated by the village's ANBU and that had sparked an all-out attack on the Kage.

The battle lasted for three days with heavy casualties on both sides. However, the small clan wasn't a match for an entire village, so they had ceased their attack on the Kage and made their way out of the village. They eventually found themselves in the hidden leaf village. The Hokage of the time allowed them to set up their homes in the village after they displayed their abilities and they have lived here ever since.

Misc. Information

RP sample: Tired... That was the only word that came to his mind. Yoshiko Amemao was sitting behind a desk in his office doing paperwork. He did this every day and it was starting to become an annoyance. The fact that he was just getting accustomed to all of this work was also a hindrance. He sighed and yawned sleepily. Being a kage was great and all.. He got a whole bunch of respect and all that, but what was all of that if he HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!!? All he did was sit around behind a desk all day, assigning missions, looking over paperwork, signing things. Things were getting repetitive and he was starting to get bored. He turned and looked out the window, his transparent reflection staring back at him. He rested his cheek on his hand, his head tilted to the right. He could see the entire village from here.. It was abuzz with activity as usual. He smirked, his reflection smirking back at him. "Time to sneak out.." he thought. Yoshiko opened the window and looked around.. No guards nearby... Good. He could sneak put undetected. He looked off into the village and smiled, "Time to go see how everything is going." Yoshiko jumped down... Descending into the streets. He landed hard, but the fall didn't phase him at all. He went to go explore.

Nicknames: The Steel-Hearted Boy.

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