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PostSubject: Kouma Clan - The Exiled   Kouma Clan - The Exiled EmptyWed Feb 26, 2014 8:03 am

Clan Name: Kouma
Clan Nick-name: The Exiled
~Kekkei Genkai Template~

Kekkei Genkai Name: Koumajutsu (Demon Invocation)
Kekkei Genkai Description: Koumajutsu allows the user to pull demons from the demonic plane by using their chakra to create a small portal for the demon they summon to enter. The more powerful the demon, the more chakra must be used to open the portal. Also, for very powerful demons, an offering of chakra must be made in order to keep the demon in the summoner's control.

Kekkei Genkai Effect: After a demon is summoned to this plane, the summoner is given command over it. Some demons will obey without question, others, however, may work with a price. These are usually the most powerful of demons. It is possible for the members of the Kouma clan to completely erase the free-will of the demon they have summoned, allowing them to take full control over it's abilities, however, only the stronger members of the clan are able to do this and only for a short time. More than one demon can be summoned at a time, however, the more powerful the demons that are summoned, the greater risk the technique is to the user.

~Clan Traits~

Physical Traits: Every member of this clan is about two times stronger than the average male human at peak physical strength. Their eye color is an extreme amber color that literally glows.
Mental Traits: N/A
Clan Customs: None

~Clan Information~

Clan Founder Unknown
Current Clan Leader There are no leaders
Clan History:
Clan Age: Several thousands of years old
Clan Enemy: N/A
Clan Alliances:  None
Clan Symbol:
Clan Element: None

~Clan Offensive/Defensive Info~

Clan Weapon: Their summons

Clan Jutsus:


Name: Kuchiyose: Kage no Komori [Summoning: Shadow Bat]
Rank: C
Skill: Koumajutsu
Element: None
Range: Close [0-5m]
Description: A simple summonng that is more of like a tool than an attack. The clan member summons a large bat made of shadows to latch onto their backs. This will effectively allow them to fly in the sky, carried by the wings of their summon.

Name: Kuchiyose: Jaki [Summoning: Snake Demons]
Rank: C
Skill: Koumajutsu
Element: None
Range: Close-Far [0-10m+]
Description: Using their chakra to open up a few, small, portals, the Kouma clan member will summon forth 15 black, snake-like demons with illuminated purple eyes. These snakes are used to track their target and can do so by sensing the opponent's chakra. They can burrow underground and move very quickly. Once the opponent is found, the snakes will wrap themselves around them and bind them like rope.  

Name: Kuchiyose: Oni kumo o moeru [Summoning: Flaming Demon Spiders]
Rank: C
Skill: Koumajutsu
Element: None
Range: Close-Mid [0-10m]
Description: The user will use their katon chakra to open up a few, small, portals on a surface. From these portals, 5 large, 3ft flaming spiders will appear. When given the order, the spiders will chase down the user's opponent. Once close enough they will violently explode. The fire from the explosion is hot enough to give 2nd degree burns and the force is powerful enough to push someone back fifteen feet.

Name: Kuchiyose: Akuma no ite [Summoning: Demon Archer]
Rank: B
Skill: Koumajutsu
Element: None
Range: Mid-Far [0-10m+]
Description: One of the more advanced techniques that the member of the Kouma clan could use. They can summon a demon archer to aid them in battle from a distance. This archer has 30CP and can fire off chakra arrows or 2CP each. These arrows function the same as normal ones. Once all of their chakra is used up, the demon archer will disappear. If approached by the enemy, they will run off in the opposite direction and then continue to attack when far enough away.


Name: Kuchiyose: Akuma no sō atari [Summoning: Demon Brute]
Rank: B
Skill: Koumajutsu
Element: None
Range: Close-Far [0-10m+]
Description: Another Advanced demon invocation technique. The user creates a portal on a surface and summons forth a strong, 10ft tall, demon. This demon is used strictly for close-combat. It is very strong, able to punch through concrete, and has razor sharp claws. The demon isn't very quick though, but it is able to sense it's opponent from far through smell and won't give up chasing them until they are either dead or the demon is defeated. The demon has 30cp and it's ability is a punch to the ground that sends shock waves through the ground to stumble their target. They also have another ability to use a roar that will deflect oncoming attacks or weapons. Both abilities cost 5cp and the deflecting attack can only deflect B-rank jutsu and below. If the demon is defeated or if it runs out of chakra, it will disappear.  


Name: Kuchiyose: Jigoku no kishi [Summoning: Hell Knight]
Rank: A
Skill: Koumajutsu
Element: None
Range: Close-Far [0-10m+]
Description: The Hell Knight is a highly advanced summon available to the Kouma clan. This very powerful, sentient, demon requires constant chakra sacrifice in order to continue fighting for the summoner. (Costs 8cp per post) This demon is actually a set of 8ft tall living armor that dons several, flaming, swords. The armor is very resilient to attacks, able to withstand B-rank jutsu and weaken A-ranks; while normal weapons will just be deflected. It is very strong-able to punch through iron with little effort. The demon is also remarkably fast, as it is able to outrun wolves. It also has the ability to sense chakra, which means trying to escape from it would be rather useless. The swords it carries are always enveloped in flame and are strong enough to cut through steel with the added benefit of scorching their targets. These demons have a chakra pool of 50 and can use two techniques. One of these techniques is to release flames from the tip of their swords in a fashion similar to a flamethrower. This technique is a short-mid ranged technique and costs 5cp to use and has the power of a B-rank katon technique. It's second technique is the ability to create a "pinwheel" of fire from it's swords and send it after their target. The spinning wheel of fire will explode with the force of an explosive tag once it hits something. This technique costs 5cp to use and is as strong as a B-Rank Katon jutsu. Once the demon's chakra pool is depleted, or if it is killed, or if the user stops giving it chakra, it will be sent back to the demonic realm from where it came from.


Name: Kuchiyose: Akuma no ryū [Summoning: Devil's Dragon]
Rank: A
Skill: Koumajutsu
Element: None
Range: Close-Far [0-10m+]
Description: Another advanced demon summoning. This one is known as the Devil's Dragon. It is a large demon-25ft from head to tail-and considerably powerful as well. It's hide is strong enough to withstand B-Rank jutsu, and weaken A-rank jutsu; while normal weapons will be deflected. It's tail alone can smash through dense stone, while the demon itself can punch through iron. It has razor sharp claws that can cut through steel. It's wings allow it to fly at great speeds. This demon focuses on balanced attacks-it can attack from close range as effectively as it would in the sky. This demon requires a constant offering of chakra in order to keep working for the summoner (consumes 8cp per post). This demon has a chakra pool of 50cp and has three techniques at it's disposal. The first technique is the ability to create a shield of energy around itself to protect it from attacks that are A-rank and below. (Costs 10cp) The second technique is the ability to create a spinning-vortex of wind from it's mouth that shreds anything in it's path. It has the power of a B-rank fuuton technique and costs 5cp to use. The final technique is the ability to shift into a cloud of black smoke. When it is in this form, the demon cannot attack, nor can it take any damage. This skill is mainly used to dodge a powerful attack, or to sneak into places it normally would not be able to. (Costs 10 CP, 5 to maintain per post)


Clan Fighting Style: Mainly they are long-ranged fighters, making their summoned demons do all the fighting for them, however, their natural strength makes them fierce opponents.
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PostSubject: Re: Kouma Clan - The Exiled   Kouma Clan - The Exiled EmptySat Mar 08, 2014 12:17 am

Dammit man.. You took some pictures of demons I was going to use xD

Um. Anyway. About this clan.. I like it. So..

Kouma Clan - The Exiled QLcNxYo
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