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PostSubject: Kirameku's Wakisashi    Kirameku's Wakisashi  EmptyTue Jan 01, 2013 4:15 am

Name: Kazehebi [Wind snake]
Owner: Kirameku Kedamono

Weight: 3 pounds

Attribute/Element: Wind.

Special Ability: The sword can split apart into a snake-like blade, tripling it's range and allowing for greater maneuverability. She can also infuse her Fuuton chakra into the blade, allowing for greater maneuverability and greater cutting ability.

Special Attack:

Usugiri [Thin Slice]: Costs 5cp. Kirameku applies a coat of Fuuton chakra to the blade, increasing it's length by four feet and increasing it's cutting ability so it can easily cut through iron. The fuuton chakra can be seen as a swirling mass around the blade. The added reach to the blade can be used as a surprise attack to a dodging enemy.

Hebi o ikiru [Live Snake]: Costs 5cp. This jutsu allows Kirameku to control the movements of the snake-sword more accurately, allowing her to perform a great amount of techniques without posing a danger to herself.  

Drawback: Kirameku can't block with the sword when it is in it's snake form. She also has to be very cautious when using the sword like this, as she could injure herself.

Durability: Since it is made out of the legendary metal found on tenma no kuni, it is nearly unbreakable and can withstand many forms of wear and tear that would cause another sword to break.

Appearance: It appears to be a simple Wakizashi, however, when a certain mechanism is pressed on the handle, it splits into a snake-like blade made of several, 1inch blades;  effectively tripling it's reach.


Alloy/Substance: Kowarenai. A special, nearly-unbreakable, metal found only on Tenma no Kuni.

Length & Width: 2ft blade, 7in handle. Blade becomes 6ft when split into "snake" form.

Background: She had it made by one of the legendary blacksmiths on Tenma no Kuni.
Creator: Kirameku
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Kirameku's Wakisashi
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