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PostSubject: Friendly Chakra System >.>   Friendly Chakra System >.> EmptyTue Jun 26, 2012 7:56 pm

Chakra Point s System

Here on this site we have a chakra system in place which dictates just how much your character will have at their disposal. This system will only affect you, at times when Chakra is needed to perform an array of tasks. The amount of Chakra Points (CP) to each character will depend on their rank and skill level. The information below will give you some insight about the system. If there are any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to refer it to the suggestions area. The entire community are here to make sure your Role playing experience is satisfying and enjoyable.

Rules & Regulations

Soldier Pills (Food pills) etc- these nutritious items will only restore half of your character’s Chakra Points. In essence, if your character’s starting CP amount was 80, then once a soldier pill is consumed, it will only restore 40 CP. This also works the same way in reverse. If you were to consume a soldier pill without wasting any CP, then you will only gain a boost of half. Like the example before, if you were to start with 80 CP, then the amount gained from the pill will be 40. This will add up to a total of 120 CP to use at your disposal

*Due to the effect of solider pills, only 4 can be used in a topic

The Different Ranks/Levels

Shinobi Ranks:

Akademī-sei -Academy Students- 50 Chakra Points

Genin- 100 Chakra Points

Chūnin- 160 Chakra Points

Jōnin- 240 Chakra Points

Shinobigashira/ANBU Captain- 260 Chakra Points

Kage- 300 Chakra Points

Nukenin -Missing-nin- A missing-nin’s Chakra Points will depend on their rank before leaving their respective villages.
Anbu Members- Their chakra points will depend on their rank/skill level.

Samurai Ranks:

Sounin- 300 Chakra Points

Chugen- 100 Chakra Points

Elite Chugen- 160 Chakra Points

Gashira- 240

Kyuunin- 260 Chakra Points

Jutsu levels & Chakra Points Usage

As you may or may not know there are different levels of Jutsus as seen in the manga/anime. And each rank normally requires a certain amount of chakra to be sacrificed in order to perform the desire technique. Below is an estimate of how many Chakra points will be required for jutsus of varying ranks. This guideline also caters for just about every aspect, whether it be Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu etc. We ask that you exercise a bit of discretion when deducting CP for certain techniques. As seen in the manga/anime, some low level Jutus may require more chakra to perform.

E-rank Techniques- 3 chakra points

D-rank Techniques- 5 chakra points minimum

C-rank Techniques- 7 chakra points minimum

B-rank Techniques- 10 chakra points minimum

A-rank Techniques- 15 chakra points minimum

S-rank techniques- 20+ chakra points minimum

Shadow clones- 20 chakra points

Elemental clones- 15 chakra points
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Friendly Chakra System >.>
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